Pancake pulls herself out of “Wan Nee”; denies feuding with the director

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  1. Honda says:

    I must say I’m not surprise. I don’t think p’Thong wanted Pan in the beginning but the channel pushed her on him. Wonder who will take her place.

  2. ninjakkn says:

    More like Pan got fired because rumor has been going on for a month already that P’Thong went to talk with the Channel 7 excutives to authorize the change. But Channel 7 said no so he was stuck with a production that has been going on for months with no progress and a n’ek that showed up for filming only once or twice. Yet Pan has time to go to events and go on shows like Woody and WWYWY. She should compensate P’Thong for the money he lost like Tuk Bongkot giving May F two millions for her withdrawal from a lakorn but I think P’Thong is just relieve to be able to get rid of Pan finally.

    Now with Pan out it’s time to find a new actress to replace her and get the production moving.

  3. hippooo says:

    ooooo….i wonder who will get the role. they had the opening for this a while back. i guess she really was holding them back.
    i agree with you NINJAKKN. so so true.
    finally a remake without Pan.

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