Pat Napapa shocked Namfone is dating her ex

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  1. :O says:

    um how can it be two-timing if they broke up 5 years ago? :O?

  2. Susy says:

    I do not understand what there was shocking?(especially PAT!) If someone tells me that my ex-boyfriend was going out with my best friend or my neighbor,it does not shock me at all,he can do what he wants after!He was free.But if you told me he was dating my sister or my mum,Here I would shocked!!!I don’t understand Thai girl (especially PAT) why she phoned to her ex bf to ask if he really dating Namfon. For telling journalist or jalousy??? Really i don’t understand !!!

    • Shampoo says:

      For many girls dating a friends ex is an unwritten rule. Pat says she’s fine with it if the other person is fine so I don’t think she care that much. She probably lose a bit respect for Namfon ahahha. But I guess they aren’t that close of a friend.

  3. yerry says:

    I think when she said she was shocked, she meant it was surprising that Namfon is going out with him. Even though they broke up 5 years ago (which is a long time ago). Lol. I don’t think it should be a problem for both girls but wow, Namfon moved on fast. Haha. Thanks for the article. =)

  4. Honda says:

    I didn’t realize Pat and Namfon are friends, just thought of them as co-worker. I sense a little tension from Pat. As for Namfon she did move on fast, Art, First and now this hi-so I guess she’s not as innocent as they seems.

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