Patricia Good criticized for acting older than her age

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  1. Lalita says:

    The press loves asking the same question twice in the same interview but with different wording. Lol at her excuse of being half caste

  2. Kizukami says:

    yeah, same here, Lalita
    what does being a half caste have something to do with acting older?

    • Malailee says:

      I totally agree. What does being half caste have something to do with a person maturity? Nowaday everyone is half caste.

  3. pc132 says:

    its almost like she is mocking yaya because yaya likes to act more cute and younger than her age….”foolish idio” its really reang—-

  4. Kay says:

    Nothing wrong with acting mature or being mature. I don’t see why she’s even given flack about this. Would they rather she prance around with tutus and peace signs acting all cutesy?

  5. Mai says:

    Is there a shortage of names? the username Mai is already taken. How about we use the original name you signed up with? Kay?

    • Kay says:

      Rather immature, aren’t you? So I have the same name. Most people would be excited. I don’t have to explain why I switched from my American nickname to my given name. FYI, there are no such things as “usernames” in these comment sections, nor do I recall “signing up” for anything. Anyone can comment, anyone can put anything down. Please be a little more courteous to your readers.

      • Mai says:

        Do forums allow two people to have the same usernames? At this blog is the same way. I’m not being immature, but I got questioned for the posts you made. I didnt think it was a big deal to ask you to use a different username to avoid confusion. Or like the other user who also use the name Mai but writes it this way (Maï) to distinguish it’s not the same user

        If you’re going to ask for courtesy at least show some courtesy.

        • Shampoo says:

          Can you just continue to use your Kay username?why would you change your name to Mai to confuse people? It’s almost like Mai is talking to herself.

          • Kay says:

            I am keeping my name and I am definately not trying to confuse people as you two seem to be claiming. Seems to me like the only confused ones are you admins. Asking me to change my name as a commentor on a public blog where usernames aren’t required to comment is preposterous. But you girls don’t have to worry about it. You just lost a reader due to your ridiculous demands. Good bye.

  6. Shampoo says:

    If you knew that an admin uses the name Mai, it would have been nice not to use the same name. It’s a little funny you claim Mai is your name when Kay was what you used. Yes, you’re confusing us unless I see your email.

    Lol Honestly, it doesn’t hurt us that we lose you as a reader.

  7. Mai says:

    Why do readers feel that we’re at a lost when they stop reading? Are they paying for subscription?

    Unless you’re paying us to bring translated news, don’t act as if we owe you anything. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole.

  8. UrWorstNightMare says:

    What in the h*ll? Criticized for being too mature for her age? What is this world becoming??

  9. Sunflower says:

    I’ve been told that from my family and friends, but I myself noticed it already. I do have an old soul for my age. Who cares. I surely don’t so what should other people.

  10. I don’t care if she acts mature. Thats actually a positive. I think she pretty and could have a good future in the industry. But…yes theres a but, I feel director/producers or whomever is casting people really need to find more age appropriate actresses. Her scene with Son in KS where he’s attacking her face…ahem…I mean pecking her face was awkward to watch. She’s barely legal at 16. There are a ton of other actresses who are more appropriate to cast for more mature characters. She fit the character up until the teenage years, after which her character didn’t seem to develop. I don’t know if I should anoint the blame on her or the directer. Anywho…this turned into a rant really fast…not to mention I didn’t even get started on Son (Chett).

  11. LC says:

    They can say what ever they want, who care? Act mature better than a childis. It’s ok pretty dimple girl again can’t Lomsornruk with handsome dimple guy su!!!! na ka.

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