Patricia Good distressed about pairing up with Nadech; Getting anti by Yaya fans

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  1. :) says:

    Finally, they get to pair up. people are just upset b/c Pat is cute just like Yaya.

  2. Maii says:

    Seriously fans should stop getting so mad just cause Yadech won’t pair. This is acting 🙂 they need to spread their wings. Just support them no matter what

  3. LC says:

    Patricia don’t worry about it. I’m NY fan club just do you best. Everything will be fine. I support you guys all the way!!!!!

  4. ash30 says:

    Too many immature fans out there

  5. Berry says:

    To be honest this girl just gotta have a stronger spirit because it’s kind of obvious she’s uncomfortable with him and it’s not his fault. Then again the certain NY fans are way too much in la la land. I’m only excited about him and Taew. Susu nakaa Pat

    • Mai says:

      Is she uncomfortable around Nadech? I haven’t really watched any clips of the two together. But I dont really blame her when his fans seem to have issues when he pairs up with anyone different than Yaya.

      • Berry says:

        I’ve watched one clip and she seem ok, but someone pointed out to me that after she got attacked she erased all photos of Nadech on her ig for their lakorn fitting. For sure they are filming that lakorn currently and she haven’t post any promotion for it so I concluded the discomfort from that. I completely understand her though, but I would rather her take the heat and ignore those yaya fans. Feel bad for her.

  6. SangSS says:

    If NY fan alway make problem to all the girls that pair with nadech , I think one day nadech will fail in his job.
    Because people will bored with couple of nadech yaya.
    You see, when nadech pair up with kim beside yaya, he get height popularity. So please stop pair up NY , i am very boring two of them so much.

  7. newtolakorns says:

    It seems like people believe things so easily. There is more than meeting the eyes and being written. Eventually, time will prove everything.

    P’Kai, the producer of Pat’s and Son’s two lakorns said people like this new pairing so who knows they may become very popular and give Nadech and Yaya a run for their money.

    I’m a fan of Nadech and Yaya and have been spoiled by them. I’m glad they have opportunity to work with others after all that’s their professions.

    Good luck to Pat and welcome to ET. Stay grounded and don’t step on anybody’s toes on the way up and things will be fine.

  8. V says:

    What is the story about? Nadech has twin brother?? Cos I though Taew is the neang’ek. Seriously, the fan is too much. I love Nadech and I wanna see him pair with every actress.

  9. Shampoo says:

    I don’t feel any discomfort between Nadech and Patricia on TV but I think they’re trying to distant when taking photos to keep the fans from bashing. Even the directors, photographer and producer deliberately don’t post pictures of her and Nadech together. I think it’s unfair for Pat. It’s like they care about the specific fanclub than their Daras.

    A according to Nadech though, he said he tries to get close to her so they wouldn’t be uncomfortable when they film together. LOl!

  10. Ya says:

    I’m NY fan club. I think no actress’s proper with nadech than yaya . when nadech pair with other actress it’s ok I just support them no matter what . But I wanna to see nadech pair with yaya than other actress …

  11. Ya says:

    I won’t support this lakorn . I don’t like when nadech pair with other actress . I think no actress is good with nadech than yaya . Why they don’t chose yaya pair with nadech in this lakorn. I’m very boring when Patricia pair with nadech . I will against all if nadech pair with other actress if not yaya . I’m only NY fan club .

    • Protected says:

      You are so immature… How can actors and actresses grow with their profession if they only work with one actor/actress??? Grow up and have a life of your own. Must be a teenager.

  12. haru says:

    ^ sorry to say but the way u say it like a fake ny fan.i have seen enough of this immature act..sorry not buy..lmao -_-

  13. kat says:

    It’s great to see other pair up bc, same would be boring!!! Bling…I would love Dome Pakorn Lum with Bee Namthip…haven’t seen them together:) just be supportive of your fan otherwise, don’t have one…it’s acting…

  14. kat says:

    Love to see Rome Patchata with Bee Namthip also, mostly she pair up with Pong Nawat…they are good together!!!! Pong isn’t as handsome then other actors but Omg, he’s acting is so real and convincing….xoxo it! especially, his eye looks…

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