Patricia Good ignores the people who anti her pairing up with Nadech Kugimiya

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  1. Berry says:

    I’m definitely happy about how confident she sounds here. Sounds more like a fighter. Way to go Pat!

    For the record to anti- Pat fans, the bashing only made it worst for Nadech and Yaya. You were no help and made their job harder! Also, why didn’t we hear any big commotion when Yaya was acting with Um atichart, Por, and soon to be JJ? So there’s such thing as the insecure jealous fan-girlfriends now? Lol

  2. thatsouthernasianchick says:

    She has a lot of potential to become big…A LOT. Her sweet and lovely personality just makes everyone love her more and the people who anti her pairing with Nadech are all immature Yadech fans.

  3. LC says:

    Nadech and Pat pairing Lomsornruk so happy I can not wait. They look very cute together especially pretty dimples!!!

  4. Ya says:

    I don’t like patircia . I’m only a yaya fan .

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