“Pee Mak Phra Khanong” taking Thailand by Storm, Breaking Records

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  1. Shampoo says:

    The movie success is a bit of everything. The other four main comedian actors helped a lot. And GTH is such a successful production mostly raking in more than 100 million in some of their previous movies. But Mario is making a big hit after his other many movies do pretty okay in box office. And his lakorn has always been doing well in terms of rating.

  2. Lovely girl says:

    Wao , I’m very very happy to hear that this movie come to Cambodia in 23 may. I want to see it so much.
    And happy that this drama is a second highest grossing film in Thailand. Mai @ congratulation u, like I said before, u are a talent actress. : )

  3. Mai says:

    I think Mario and Mai being the pranangs had a lot to do with the success too. They dont put a-listers in a movie hoping that the script itself will pull in viewers. If the 4 guys had a lot to do with the success, it wont be an exaggeration to say that Mai and Mario also had a lot to do with the success

    This movie has hit 320 million as of today.

  4. Shampoo says:

    Not every A-list together will make a movie success though. It has to be a combination of everything. The other four are just as main characters as Mai and Mario. They’re the pra’nang but the 4 guys are also the main guys too.

    Im going to watch this movie and the fuss over it. Lol I think it might be as funny as Guean Meung Ho…. This movie is with newbies and it was a successful movie. They’re both known as praek and nangek 100 million.

  5. Mai says:

    But you cant deny that Mario and Mai are responsible for some of the success of the film Shamp. If Koo Kum was successful you would totally give credit to Nadech wouldnt you? When I said the script of Koo Kum and Nadech alone can make it a hit, none of Nadech fans argued with me back then.

    I said this before and I’ll say it again, Mario is movie gold. Not all of his films have been successful, but he’s had quite a few box office hits too.

    As successful as this film is, dont think I’ll be watching it cause I’m not into over the top comedies.

    • Shampoo says:

      I’m not discrediting them. They are part of it. But the movie is not just a focus between the love of Mak and Nak. The other four have a big role too.

      It’s not that I don’t argue about Koo Kum but I trust that maybe you’re right people will love Koo Kum cuz it’s a classic on its own ahahah.

      I do like comedy. I watch GMH and loved it so I don’t think GTH will disappoint.

  6. Mailover says:

    Has….. Very surprise , this movie has hit 320 million ? It mean this movie is very success in Nowday. Even thou Mai has a lot of gossip, but also has a lot of good thing happen to her that cause some people jealous on her and say bed of her offen. One day they will know that her/ him self is very bed. I still love & support Mai davika forever. 加油小麦!

  7. khunbahtoo says:

    The movie very like.so good.

  8. julyhnein says:

    The movie very like and very good.There movie actor and actress our very like.

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