Peter Corp crazy about baby son; Names him Panther

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  1. Them two look so alike it’s kinda creepily cute…I think…

  2. Teptida says:

    horrible name, horrible trend. poor baby. if he studies oversea, it will be hard for him

  3. Susy says:

    OMG the name Panther !!! You are the most unhappy baby in the world i know if your parents (who are good look and smart the both) really give you this name.LOL they missing the word “PINK” = Panther pink (in french mean “Panthère rose” hahhahah…Poor baby…your parents (Peter & Ploy) are too cruel !!!

  4. pc says:

    No way…Panther??? I can understand a nickname, but for a real name?? No way Pete. Your parents gave you a good name, so please be nice to you’re kid. Lol.

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