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Peter Corp’s ex-girlfriend Ase Wang exposes that he still hasn’t stopped his cheater ways

She won the title of “FHM Sexiest Asian 2006″ from FHM magazine for two years for “Ase Wang” the Chinese-Swedish model and the ex girlfriend of wide mouth singer “Peter Corp,” whom she dated for a long time, as much as 4 years.  She is returning soon on the cover of “FHM” once again after missing for many years.

Ase Wang on the cover of FHM

Ase Wang on the cover of FHM

Siamdara immediately contacts her about her ex-boyfriend 

Ase exposes her ex

Ase exposes her ex

We want to ask about your thoughts on all the news surrounding your former boyfriend Peter Corp who is seems right now is facing a fierce storm 

It would have to tell you that it’s really sad news because he was my former sweetheart.  I knew more about the events during the time that Peter had a family; I know well how his wife feels.  The reason being is that when I was dating him I encountered the same problems.  I will have to admit that it was also a problem I had.  It happened long ago, about 5 years ago.  I never told anyone about it.  Personally I was a bit disappointed after I found out what happened because my understanding is that now that he’s living a family life and now married with kids he should have grown up.  He should be mature adult, more so then when we were dating.  Yet in the end the same issues became a problem again.


We want you to describe his personality during the period when you were still talking, how was he then?

If talking about Peter’s personality, he is rather super confident, especially when it comes to his celebrity status and status as an actor.  It was to the point that he would sometimes forget that being a celebrity doesn’t mean it gives you the right to play with peoples hearts and break it too.  Peter he often likes girls that are really crazy about him.  Many of the girls that have dated Peter in the past would have encountered the same problems.  I’m sorry for all of them.  Honestly though, the stuff that happened between Peter and I happened a long time ago and I don’t think about the past.  However, now that there’s this issue in the present I can’t help but think about it either.


Have you had a chance to talk to Peter in the lately?

Not yet.  I haven’t talked to him a long time.


This means during the time you were dating Peter you were having problems with his unfaithfulness on so many occasions that it resulted in a break up? 

If you want me to talk about the past, I don’t want to dig it up.  I don’t want to go into specifics to aggravate things.  But if we were to talk about the incident happening now, it is probably the same thing Peter was guilty of committing in the past.  He still hasn’t changed.  He’s still behaving the same way as he did with me.


Aside from this the model Ase Wang talked about how in the past there wasn’t an online society so it was impossible to expose stories so that society would be made aware; impossible to make society understand.

I’m not trying to say that social network reporters are the best route, but at the very least they can educate Peter so he’s more aware that when he does something horrible it could possibly reflect back to his own self.  In the end I never thought that others would have encountered the same problems I did.  It is something really depressing.


Do you sympathize for Peter at all?

I feel no sympathy for him, but rather I sympathize for his family instead.


Finally if you were to send Peter a message what would you say to him?

I have nothing to say to him but rather I want to send my compassion out to all those women that he once dated.  I want to send out my sympathies to them.  I also hope that Peter himself will change.


The reason I don’t want to talk about him much is partly because when we broke up Peter himself never helped me clear what happened.  Not only that but he let me confront and fend solely on my own with what happened.  I hope that he can improve to do better so the same problems don’t keep recurring.


Ase and Peter during their happier times

Ase and Peter during their happier times


Translated Article

Source: Siamdara | July 17, 2015

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  1. This girl is not in her right mind. Why came out now and talk about your ex? That when problem starts. Send compassion out to all those women that he once dated??? More likely to all those girls that he will soon be dating…

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