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Peter Corp’s manager reports Ploy Ploypan running him over

Manager of famous leading actor reports on the incident in which “Ploy” the wife of “Peter Corp” intentionally hitting him twice with her bumper resulting in an injury to his right leg.  He reveals that Peter is already made aware of this.

It has arisen to become another issue when “Peter Johansen” the new personal manager of “Peter Corp” aka “Peter” posted a picture of a collision between a white car and a motorcycle in front of some house.  He also added caption:

Ran into Ploy and her mother today.  Or rather she ran into me.  I’m sorry but what have I done to you #ridewithme #usecommonsenseplease


With this entertainment reporter Komchadluek contacted “Peter Johansen” the personal manager of the famous leading actor to inquire about the details of the events and he says the problem is between himself and “Ploypan Dyrendal” aka “Ploy” is unrelated to family issues.

This is something that involves just myself and Ploy and has nothing to do whatsoever with the family.  What happened I posted on instagram is what Ploy intended to do.  In the beginning I was sitting on my motorcycle in front of the house. Ploy and her mother were in that white car.  She rushed forward in the car and collided with me twice.  The first time she collided the car rolled back.  The second time she collided I had to leap out of the motorcycle.  But it injured my right leg a bit.  Not once have I posted anything related to her family. But I sincerely do not understand the true reasons for this.  I’m very confused at this moment that on IG people are cursing death upon me.

The reporter continued to ask what he will be do going forward from here and whether or not “Peter Corp” is aware of this incident.  “Peter (Johansen)” says that hes already reported the incident because it has turned into something serious  

I’ve already reported this incident because it has become something serious that also involves my life. Personally I have kids of my own and a family too.  I understand all the other things but what I don’t understand is what happened today (16th of July), what is going on?  I don’t even interfere with her family matters.  Peter already knows about this.  Myself personally I’ve already indicated everything in writing on instagram as well.

The reporters of Kom Chad Luek also tried to contact “Ploypan Dyrendal” aka “Ploy” to investigate the incident further but were able to reach her.  



The latest IG post from the magae

ผมขอชี้แจงเรื่องที่เกิดขึ้นวันนี้นะครับ ประเด็นที่โต้เถียงกันอยู่คือเรื่องครอบครัวกับลูก ตัวผมเองก็มีลูกสาว2คนถ้าผมเป็นอะไรไปใครจะดูแลพวกเขา เพื่อให้เป็นทางการผมขอชี้แจงตามที่แจ้งความ
วันนี้ผมกับคุณปีเตอร์กำลังออกจากออฟฟิตเพื่อไปทำงานโดยขี่มอเตอร์ไซค์คนละคัน คุณพลอยจอดรถเก๋งดักรออยู่ เมื่อเห็นเราขี่มาก็ขับรถเก๋งมาขวางทาง คุณแม่ของคุณพลอยกระโดดลงรถมากระชากตัวคุณปีเตอร์เผื่อจะคุยด้วย ผมก็จอดด้วย ทันใดนั้นคุณพลอยก็เหยียบคันเร่งเข้ามาชนผมอย่างจังจนขาขวาผมติดอยู่ระหว่างที่พักเท้ามอไซค์กับกันชนรถเก๋งแต่ยังไม่ล้ม ผมโชคดีที่ขาหลุดออกมาได้ก่อนที่คุณพลอยจะพุ่งมาชนรอบที่2 ซึ่งครั้งนี้มอไซค์ล้มแล้วผมกระโดดออกมาได้ ผมรู้สึกว่ามันเป็นการกระทำที่รุนแรงเลยหยิบโทรศัพท์ขึ้นมาถ่ายเป็นหลักฐานระหว่างนั้นคุณพลอยพุ่งเข้ามาชนอีกรอบที่3 แล้วกันชนรถเก๋งก็คาไว้บนมอไซค์ นั้นคือภาพที่คุณเห็น แต่ผมกลับกลายเป็นคนที่ผิด นี่ผมอยู่ในสังคมที่อินกับการเสพข่าวมากจนลืมความเป็นจริงไปแล้วยังงั้นหรือครับ ผมไม่รู้จะอธิบายให้ลูกๆผมเข้าใจยังไง ว่าป๊ะป๊าโดนกระทำแบบนี้แล้วแทนที่คนจะแยกแยะความผิดถูก กลับกลายเป็นเชียร์เรื่องที่ผิดแถมสาปแช่งให้ผมไปตายซะด้วยซ้ำ การที่ผมออกมาชี้แจงคงต้องถือว่าเป็นการปกป้องตัวเองและป้องกันไม่เกิดเหตุการ์ณซ้ำขึ้นอีก แต่กลับเป็นคนที่โดนด่าและถูกโจมตีทำให้ผมรู้สึกผิดหวังในคำว่าสามัญสำนึกของมนุษย์จริงๆครับ

I beg to explain the incident that happened today.  The issue that is still being debated the family and kids.  Personally I have two daughters of my own, and if something happens to me who would take care of them?  So to make it official let me openly explain what happened.

Today Peter and I were about to leave the office so we can go for motorcycle work.  Ploy was parked and waiting for us.  When they saw us driving forward they blocked us with their car.  Ploys mom plunged out of the car to grab Peter so they can talk. I parked my motorcycle.  Immediately at that point Ploy stepped on the gas and accelerated her speed and hit me to the point my right leg got stuck between the foot rest and car bumper.  It didn’t tumble over.  I’m lucky that I was able to pull my leg out on time before Ploy hit me a second time.  This time the motorcycle tumbled over and I leaped off. I feel that those actions were incredibly violent so I took out my phone to take pictures for evidence. Meanwhile Ploy hit the motorcycle a third time that’s when the bumper got stuck to the motorcycle.  That is the picture that you see.  However, I turn out to be the person at fault instead.  Am I stuck in a society that is so consumed with the news, so much so that they forget what the truth really is?  I don’t know how I can explain to my kids so they can comprehend that daddy got attacked with this behavior.  Instead of distinguishing right from wrong, people are cheering for something that is wrong.  In addition to this some are cursing me with death instead.  The reason why I came out to report this is to protect myself and to protect myself from the same repetitive incident happening again.  Instead I’m the one getting cursed out and attacked causing me to feel disappointment in the word “common sense” in human beings


Translated Article

Source: Komchadluek | July 16, 2015

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