Pinky Savika not interested in swimsuit shoots; Wants to be spared of this

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  1. yerry says:

    Didn’t Pinky do a swimsuit photoshoot a while back? I remember it was her or maybe someone like her.

  2. :) says:

    So…. She basically won’t do swimsuit b/c she “not confident” with her body ???

    • :) :) says:


      • :) says:

        Lol !! Yeah… I was a bit confuse.. B/c according to what Mai statesment on top, she writes “claiming that she’s not interested in doing swimsuit shoots like the hundreds of other celebrities in the entertainment industry who take off their clothes to show off their figure”.

        I guess I took that statement in a wrong way, thinking that perhaps Pinky is just very conservative.

  3. Mai says:

    @ : ) no problem lol. You can usually check to see if we wrote the article ourselves or if it’s translated off a source by checking the credits at the bottom of the article. If it’s translated then we usually indicate so, if not we just leave our signature like -> ~Mai~

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