Pinky still hot in India; Flying to New York for Indian Movie

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  1. Shampoo says:

    Not necessarily mean it’s a big production. lol Because Indian movie film overseas quite often.

    Thanks, Mai.

  2. UrWorstNightMare says:

    Every mia luang in Thailand hates her guts now, is that why she’s in India?? LOL.

  3. Mai says:

    She’s hotter now in Thailand than she ever was lol

  4. Nee says:

    Seriously, I can’t even find the film she worked on before in India. Anyone know? I watch a lot of Indian films too so I’m just stumped!! Please tell me if you know.

    • lilithao says:

      It wasn’t a big hit and it’s for the more southern Indian fills. It’s not for Bollywood films. And trust me, you didn’t miss anything. Pinky did great, just the story is dumb. Hopefully, this one is better.

  5. Gloomy says:

    Stop with the harsh comments. People make mistakes and learn from them…It’s a part of life.

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