Ploy opens her heart about the rumors not renewing contract with Ch3

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  1. asl says:

    didnt she make her acting debut with ch5?

  2. neena says:

    thats right. she was in that lakorn with tik and aome, produced by exact!

    • Fah says:

      I thought it was just a collaboration between Ch3 and Ch5 since Tik is in Ch3, which means Ploy was just a part of the collaboration. Regardless, she still worked with a ch5 team though….

      • asl says:

        Tik has done more than one lakorn with Exact. So did Ploy. I don’t think RLSR was a collaboration of the two channel. Ploy may have not been contracted with Exact during her earlier years but she said she “never” worked for another channel before which is a total lie lol Now if she said she was never contracted with another channel, that is another story.

  3. Mai says:

    lol Tik is not a channel 3 actor, he’s free agent. Ploy hasnt always been with Channel 3 either.

  4. Dani305 says:

    Very interesting, I thought actors had to stick to one channel.

  5. nanthao says:

    She’s lying. She at least did one Lakorn w ch.7. I think the preek was nott.

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