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Ploy Ploypan has spirit, promoting “Latitude 6″ not to spite Peter Corp

After hiding out to mend her heart until it improves after it was severely bruised in the beginning, at last on the 18th of July Ploy Ploypan the kind-hearted wife of wide mouth leading actor Peter Corp displayed spirit by posting a picture of “Nong Puma” to help promote the movie Latitude 6.  She encourages everyone to go see the movie because it’s good and everyone worked really hard; devoted a lot of time and energy.  She will be watching the movie three times as well.  She also uses the hash tag   แบ่งกันกิน” (sharetoeat).  

Ploy Ploypan

Ploy Ploypan

As soon as she posted her promotion, people immediately started gossiping sporadically that she’s just spiting her husband or faking an image for herself or is that post meant to have a hidden meaning?


Then later in the evening the fighter mom went on Mouth to Mouth on Channel 2 to clear the gossip.  She says she’s merely promoting because the movie itself is a good movie and everyone who took part in the movie put their all into it.  In addition to this Southern Thailand is beautiful.  Her wide mouth husbands soundtrack to the movie is also outstanding…that’s how it goes.

Using Nong Panther to help promote the movie

Using Nong Panther to help promote the movie

We want to ask about how you’re doing emotionally?

Ok.  I’m trying my best to be strong so I can have the energy to take care of my kids.


When you were posting to promote, what were you thinking?

Personally I’ve seen the process of making this movie for 3 years now.  It really is tiring.  The weather is hot. Everyone does about 4-5 takes.  It is really exhausting.  I want everyone to look at it as hey it’s not just that one person who is acting in it.  I want everyone to look at the overall quality.


Is your news affecting the movie?

Based on the comments I’ve been reading, yes there is some influence.  But to be honest everyone worked really hard on it.  Like for the actors some might think of whether or not to watch.  However, I want everyone to consider all the other actors and production team involved and their hard work.  I want everyone to overlook (all the other things).


Nong Puma also lending a helping hand

Nong Puma also lending a helping hand

You’re really going to go watch it three times?

Yes really, if I have time.  Right now I’ve found 20 friends to go watch it with me the first time.


How about the popcorn? 

I like eating popcorn a lot. I want to sit and share popcorn.  Eat popcorn together.  It’s unrelated to anything else.  Don’t think too deep on it.  I try not to focus only on the problem in my life right now.  It’s better than I do whatever it is I need to do.  Let’s not focus on the stressful things.


There are some who think that incident was stirred in an attempt to promote the movie 

If I were to bring it upon myself to promote the movie to that extent it would be a huge investment.  It’s physically and mentally challenging so it’s not to promote a movie.  However if it really does promote then that’s good.


Have you spoken with the producer or any of the actors?

I have spoken with Peking the creator.  Trying my best to help promote and persuade people to go watch.  The teaser is really good.  The soundtrack song that P”Ter sings is really nice too.  I listened to it with the movie when it didn’t have lyrics yet, when it was just instrumental.  I listened to the instrumental for three years and it makes me tear up.  It wasn’t edited into the movie yet.  The music is really nice.  Peter sings it well too.


With the two IG posts, you got a lot of support, how do you feel about this?

I would like to thank everyone for their support.  The sadness being at 100% but with everyone sending their support it has gone down to 80%.  What’s left I’m just trying my best to come to terms with it.  But this 80% is thanks to everyone.


How about your kids?  When you come out to accept work who is taking care of them?

Work that isn’t a danger to them I would take them along with me.  But right now I’m not giving interviews.  When I’m going for work where there are interviews to be conducted I don’t bring them with me because then it would be inconvenient to walk around. If I see reporters it would be difficult for me.  I’m not that exhausted because Nong Ma’s grandmother helps out.


Will you be attending the premier on the 21st of July 21st?  Will you be going to support Peter?

I would have to set an appointment with P’Kueng.


Is the percentage high that you will go?

I will have to check my schedule to see whether or not I am available.


And finally do you have anything to say to everyone who has been sending you their support?

Thank you very much.  To be quite honest I have never claimed who was right and who was wrong, however the support has been comforting for me to do many things.  I feel that I have to come out and have people support me.  I feel that I have to keep fighting forward.


Ohh… you saintly wife with heart of diamonds.


Translated Article

Source: Siamdara | July 18, 2015

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