Pong Nawat rejects rumors of breakup with Kaew Jirinya; Their love has never been sweet

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  1. Lalita says:

    lol @ his comment I’m an adult, I’m not going to play in the water

  2. Navady says:

    You have a good character, Nawat. Wishes you the best!

  3. Kanglaher says:

    Oooo man this is so much like others love and keaw is so pretty

  4. anjuli says:

    pong and kaew I really don’t want you guy to break up. you guy are a sweet couple. even if you have problem in each other, just understand each other. BUT something that he and answer his question that “he won’t be going with Nong Kaew though”.? what is that mean to him?. I just one to comment that ” like other people, sometime they fight and some time they love. you guy have to know that sometime, “thing” don’t go right, sometime each other get mad, but you guy have to know that, know matter what, you guy will always have to have a key to each other heart”. this comment is, is doesn’t mean that I teach you guy. this comment is only my feeling. i like bother of you guy. kaew she so beautiful. she is my favorite singer and also her friend.

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