Poo Praiya revved up IMAGE photoshoot with no bra

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  1. ash30 says:

    Poo has a very nice body. Love her face on the cover…the lace beside her breasts her skin actually made it look like a material. So jealous of her curves lol

  2. Mai says:

    that’s a bit much

  3. teasingonly555 says:

    poo looks good. was she really bare bare? did she tape her nips or what? to me, the strategically placed lace/cloth aren’t doing their best job covering…or maybe i just don’t know where nips are in boobs. again, anyhow, looks good.

  4. :) says:

    She has a very BIG face. 🙁

  5. Mya says:

    She’s stunning to me ..but Only when she doesn’t show her bottom teeth lol .. I have a thing about teeth …

  6. Sunny says:

    wow a bra less concept, how daring but ain’t she a bra presenter, she should wear a bra LOL

  7. UrWorstNightMare says:

    She always has the same facial expression. LMAO.

  8. Kimix says:

    LOL. I think I was following the owner of IMAGE magazine and he actually went all out on Poo to pose like this. He actually really supported her. Amata or Amatai is his name I think ??

  9. Kimix says:

    Poo is also VERY daring, esp. that second picture. No bra, naked boobs. Lol. Everyone in the set must be happy for free flashing. hahaha

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