Poo Praiya won 2013 Sexiest Woman of the Year for FHM Thailand

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  1. Mai says:

    omg the one girl went practically naked in her see through outfit. what happened to poo’s face it’s so bloated

  2. :) says:

    They are all UGLY. Lol… And they won???

  3. Mai says:

    wow that comment is uncalled for

  4. Kizukami says:

    I think they are un-classy :/

  5. Mya says:

    I don’t think poo is ugly but her sexiness isn’t flattering to me either. Congrats to her anyway.

  6. Amethyst says:

    OMG, I knew Poo was going to win. She’s pretty, but daayyyum ! her legs are so BIG! it sooo does not suit her body and face. Annnd oooh, girl with the sheer coverup, daaang, i know its an award for sexiness but did you really have to wear that ? My momma would have killed me if i went out like that. -_-

    • Amethyst says:

      Annnd Marisa Anita does not look pretty. Her makeup and hair looks sloppy like it was done last minute or something. Im sorry guys, just my opinion.

  7. teasingonly555 says:

    Poo ain’t got the best looks, but sexy have strange denominators. I happen to like the beauty of many of the various winners, so yeah, I, for one, think they all are beautiful. Some more than others. None of them is the ugly definition I’ve seen. Plastic, botox, or makeup, it’s beauty too. Chill chill. Thanks shampoo. Was just looking at pics of this event earlier.

  8. teran says:

    aww. where’s pooklook? don’t see her picture. the girl in the Revealing dress is very pretty, but her body should have been more full and curvy like poo’s.

    • jimmy says:

      I thought the same thing no pooklook picture. I know she won a award. Do you know what place she came in at?

  9. jimmy says:

    congrats to pooklook very sexy!

  10. jimmy says:

    congrats to pooklook she is very sexy!

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