Poo Praya doesn’t believe Janie reduced fee to steal presenter work from her

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  1. Berry says:

    Oh Poo no need to feel sorry for Janie that much. Her year looks fine to me

  2. elve123 says:

    People always say that scandals can really ruin a career but honestly I feel like Janie’s was not really affected. Not sure if that is because she has connections or because she is just that good an actress. I absolutely adored Pinky as an actress but after her scandal (which I’ll be honest I know little about because I did not follow the story) she did not get to continue being full-time N’ek. Janie to me has been lucky because she’s still been able to continue her work.

    • TK says:

      Janie and Pinky has 2 different scandals. Although it was allegedly said that Janie stole Ae from his wife, it has become common belief that Ae had been separated from his ex-wife long before starting his relationship with Janie. His ex-wife and daughter showed no sign of disapproval of his marriage to Janie as well when news hit, other than taking a trip to NY to avoid the media frenzy. People didn’t like the fact that she married an old, rich man. It wasn’t really a scandal, more like bad press, giving her the gold digger title. VS Pinky who was confronted by Tanya, the wife (mia luang). I think a lot of people were shocked to hear the audios of them, especially Pinky saying ” So what” when Tanya asked about her and Peck being at the same place consequentially when the rumors started. Janie is lucky to have her “angel gang” ladies, who are always there to support her and help answer for her as well. Where as Pinky didn’t people to back her up, making her look only worse. Not to mention the only ones who did were males. That didn’t help her image. And lastly Janie gain much sympathy and love over her abuse pictures.

      • Sabrina says:

        Yardthip Rachapal and Pinky were BFF before I believe. But however, Yardthip back off. I remember seeing an interview where she said she is not bff with Pinky and that the media just put them together as bff.

        And then she appeared in an interview with Pinky to clarify about what she said earlier that they aren’t bff.

        I have different views toward Yardthip after seeing that interview.
        But yea, if you don’t want to go down, you should back off so I understand her.

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