Pope Thanawat hints Mew Nittha is exactly his type

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  1. Lovely girl says:

    I think pope and Esther fit to eachother. Who agree with me?

    • pink_fantasies says:

      I do I do!!! im a little sad seeing Esther & Pope in the Gentlemen series, together but apart *sniff*sniff*

  2. lilian says:

    I love this couple! and I really think Pope do like Mew from all his actions..

  3. Noondao says:

    Luv his quote from Buddha. I would luv to see pope w/ Easter but they’ve so young for him. When they r a little older then it’ll be great!!!

  4. kim long says:

    pope and mew is a good couple. i think they fit to eachother .

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