Pra’ek Nah Ngern, James Ma (Money Faced Pra’ek)

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  1. Lalita says:

    I don’t think I ever seen press that hard on any newbie. Especially calling him nah ngern, is especially harsh, I think it’s fair to say in his case, it’s Ae that is setting his fee, since he’s such a newbie. And predicting his future before its already started is a very bold statement. I wonder how he is behind the scene that the press already hates him.

  2. Kwan says:

    It’s sad hearing such news about him when his first lakorn hasn’t even air yet. Nonetheless, I will continue to support him despite what happens behind the screen and whatnot. Besides, Khun Ae is the one that is responsible for him and all his kids so I believe it’s not just all on James but on Khun Ae more since he handles everything for them aside from their other manager.

  3. teran says:

    Poor kid, to have so many bad news back to back. I think Ae is also the one handling his fees. But I will still like him as an actor.

  4. x0unerthanlater says:

    We will just have to wait and see. Shouldn’t judge until there is proof. Every celebrity has rumors and gossip news surrounding their popularity. Whether it makes or breaks them we will be witnesses to it.

  5. yo says:

    his first lakorn not even aired yet?? then how come he become so famous?? O.O

  6. Dthaient says:

    oh man thats such a rude name to call him that….money hungry pra’ek. are they saying ae’s kids are money hungry…

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