Raeng Prathana: Episode 3

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  1. Prae says:

    Could anyone know the ending song theme of this drama? Thx kju ka

  2. Noy says:

    I love nang’ek that are strong & independent. but I think Kimmy takes the cake. Kimberley’s character is so overboard, just down right snobby & annoying… I think I’ll pass on this lakorn & just read these caps instead lol Thanks for the hard work!

  3. masaki says:

    Thank you shampoo for your hard work. Your recaps and insights are fun to read.^-^ I really enjoy this lakorn so far. Can’t wait to see the relationship of our pra’nang develops. Lol

  4. Moonchild says:

    Thank you so much na, Shamp. Appreciated your recaps very much na.

  5. Mai says:

    Thanks for the detailed summary, almost like watching it myself lol

  6. Kymie says:

    Thank for your summaries! It truly helps a lot especially when there aren’t any English Subs for the 2nd and 3rd episode! 🙂

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