Recap Epis 1: Hua Jai Tuen

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  1. pajai says:

    Thank you thank you for taking your time to cap this!! love Om and Kwan!! Hope you will continue!! Love OK!!<3

  2. Berry says:

    I absolutely love these two together. They should’ve paired up a long time ago.

  3. Luck says:

    Thanks jaa

  4. dawn_dawn says:

    where can I watch this drama? It’s not working on CH7 plus Viki

  5. Lovely girl says:

    Thx ch7 that pair up ” Ok “again. Love this drama and ok so much.

  6. Angie says:

    OMG!!!! Not a huge fan of channel 7 couples but I got to admit this is one of the best pair ever!!! These two should have pair up long time ago? Oh well I’m in love with Kwan and Om.

  7. Bb says:

    OhMaGoodNess. Please, Please Keep on uploading Caps of this Lakorn. I Am desperately begging you. If you dont plan on keeping up with capping this lakorn then can you at least tell me where i can watch episodes of the lakorns online?

  8. C.V says:

    Please continue capping. Love reading stuff like this after watching because I don’t understand what they’re saying at all but I love watching Lakorns! Love love love Om & Kwan together.

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