Reduced lakorn work causes Pancake Khemanit’s ratings to drop drastically

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  1. Fah says:

    As much as I used to dislike her in the past, I kind of miss seeing her onscreen. She was one of the many few good actress in Ch7.
    And whoa. That’s totally going to be a change seeing her play the nang’rai. Hope to see more of the older generations back onscreen one day.

  2. Berry says:

    Don’t she have one with Thanwa too? Saw some fitting pictures not too long ago. I’ve always liked Pan’s acting though. I’m sure she will do well as a villian.

  3. Lovely girl says:

    I think if she pair up with weir again , maybe her popularity will back to her.

  4. :) says:

    I have never seen any of her Lakorn. It’s b/c I just don’t believe she’s nang’ek material. 🙁

    • Berry says:

      I think you should watch her lakorns before you decide on that because she might change your mind. I sort of felt the same a while back until she did a remake of one of my favorite classic lakorns and I had to give her credit then because of a certain appeal I picked up about her.

      • :) says:

        I did try to watch a scene or so but couldn’t finish it.

        • chooksoo says:

          I kind of feel don’t like her much either…I admit I’ve not seen most of her work but there was one lakorn TOOKATA REUNG NA BUM that she did with Paul where I happened to like her …she was looking really pretty and fresh in that lakorn and liked her strong nangek character .

  5. Susy says:

    Dislike her very much and Mint Peechaya too , i don’t know why, i try to watch their lakorn with Weir but couldn’t finish it,I am one of the woman who was very very happy when Weir broke up with Pancake ,i like to see him in a new lakorn and pair again with Alexandra (lao actress) ,Kwan Usamanee,Aum Patcharapa and Pinky Sawika.If Bella is his new girl friend.It’s ok .My dream come true,he will go to have a new drama with Aum Patcharapa in “PROA” ,the another one with mint,i wouldn’t watch it cause don’t like Mint !!!

  6. Susy says:

    OMG i forgot Mai davika/Weir,they go well together (the BEST)

  7. On Bunna says:

    Now I just notice that most of the actresses are walking on Aum’s step. Aum Patcharapa can act very well with villain character and that’s pushed her popularity to be at the Top and no other actress can climb up to compete with her.
    Ploy also did like that, and recently Pinky and Jui are following this way too. It’s so surprising that Pancake will play as villain character. Their popularity will increase to another level I believe.
    Anyways, Aum Patcharapa still be the best. She is born to be amazing and unique superstar.

  8. nary im says:

    However I still looking for her new drama. I like her acting.

  9. Cutie says:

    I’m not Thailand but I like watching Thai lakorn so much, esp Pancake, She is my favorite actress. I watch all her lakorn, even though she play as villain character I still support her forever…. All her lakorn I like the best are Pleng Ruk kaam Pob, Nag Fah Mafai, Tawee Pope, Buang Hong. All this lakorn I watch again and again in my language. I like her act in Buang Hong I hope ch7 will give her in new lakorn that leading actress has character like that, no one can do the best like this… In Peek Mongkut I don’t like Grace as leading actress, she can’t compare with Pancake any at all, she just has white skin than Pancake only, I don’t like ch7 push leading actress to villain and villain to leading, I hope It can’t be that anymore…….

  10. Lina says:

    I think,you will do well with your best ,we are alway support you

  11. Lovely says:

    As for her chubby cheeks she’s still very beautiful more than any other atress in chanel 7. Some people even have a chubbier cheeks than pan. She has the most adorable smile. I still will support her no matter what.

  12. gigi says:

    I think she’s beautiful, but never really could finish her lakorn or any channe7 lakorns.

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