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Registration Problems

We’ve been getting lots of email and requests through the feedback on problems with registering.   Some of you are not clear if you’re referring to here at the blog or at the forum.  Sorry we haven’t been able to fulfill many of the requests, so we’re starting this post to see if you’re all still having problems.  If any of you are still have problems then please indicate on this page and we’ll pre-register you, leave the username you would like to use, a valid email (that is where the information will be sent to).  You can either leave a message here or private message us at the IG @ sugar_daily


If you have any other concerns you can tell us in this thread.  Thanks!


  1. Username: 5unshine

    Thank you!

    • The forum couldnt allow us to register you again because you’re already a registered member under the username sun5hine. You can have the password reset and have it sent to your email. Let us know if you’re still having problems

  2. Hi, can you please pre-register me as I’m unable to register…
    username: moshimoshi80 email:


    • You should have gotten a validation email, you can change the password by resetting or changing it once you log in.

      • Hi Mai! I didn’t receive any e-mail till this day. Can you please kindly resend? Thanks!

        • Check your junk mail.

    • try logging in with your username and password: default

      Change your password once you log in

  3. Hi Mai, I have sent msg to sugar daily IG account to ask for registation. and I believe I have already been registered cause I have got reply at IG and my username has been taken. But i didnt receive email yet, and when I tried to reset my password via forget your password method, I still got nothing at my email box. Can you help me check if my register email is correctly register?
    username: asher13

    • Yeah you’re username is already registered with the email you gave me. Try checking your junk mail. If it’s still not there I can reach you through IG and give you a temporary password there and once you log in just change it. Let me know

      • Hi Mai, I have checked my junk mail and everything but still it’s not there. This is weird cause I can get notification email on this post but just not the password email. or the reset password email. lol Yes it would be grateful if you could just send the temporary password through IG to me, many thanks.

        • sorry foget to mention my IG account, I have asked for help in registion under Rome’s post. :) Thank you.

  4. username: callme95

    • please check your email for the password

      • i didn’t get an email about the pass word

        • Can you try resetting the password by picking the option to have it sent to your email?

  5. i check my email but didn’t the password any email form sugardaily

  6. Username: Jinkister

  7. @kingking. I manually sent you an email from my own account with your password, so please check your email

    @Sarah Chan – check to see if you got the email from spicy for registration. If not I’ll manually send you the password

    Please dont forget to change your password once you log in

  8. Username: pandakopanda

    Thanks! I want to register in the forum please.

  9. username:beebo
    Please help me register in the forum
    Thank you

  10. username: moonriver

    I’d like to register for the forum please, thank you!

  11. please dear help me to register at spicy forums.

  12. Username: Ames – if alr taken, Ame5

  13. Username: ratihalfboiled
    Thank you in advance

  14. Hi, pls help me register at Spicy forum. I tried many times but it did not work.
    Username: karla19
    Thanks so much!

  15. Please help me register at this forum.

    username: hui4163

    Thanks so much!

  16. username: rainbowhill79

  17. Please help me to resister at Spicyforum
    username: guppii
    Thank you very much!

  18. Username: faux
    Please help me register in for spicy forum. Thank you.

  19. Hey can u help me sign up for spicy forum

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