Revealed! The leads who got sexually involved on the set of their lakorn

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  1. Honda says:

    Weir and his lastest n’ek comes to mind, can’t remember her name.

  2. nana says:

    Is the couple from CH7? because I have a couple in mind, but f** I love the guy :C

  3. Honda says:

    Weir is the only muscular p’ek st ch7 that started with a tiny n’ek.

  4. Meme says:

    pls don’t tell me it’s weir 🙁

  5. Naimee02 says:

    Omg….i would love to know who this couple was???? Weird and Min ahah

  6. Alwaizemeeh says:

    Weir and Peach??

  7. Minah says:

    weir and the new n’ek and the real girlfriend is bella. There was recent news on this and Bella answered as calm and collected as she can.

  8. Saltz says:

    I hope the girl is not Preaw☹️

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