Revisiting Kookwan forever Num Sonram and Kob Suvanant

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  1. ash30 says:

    Awww….the couple that introduce me to lakorn. I don’t think any other kookwan will bet them (IMHO). Kob is looking good while Num looks a bit beat down. Nonetheless, they are my all time favorite. Seeing them together bring back old time memory.

  2. SangSS says:

    I want to see dao prasok again when see them. If it can, ch7 should give them play new drama together again. Ha….. It just my dream. But thier short name has later ” NK ” look like Nadech & Kim. Hope nadech & Kim will become Kukwan in future too.

  3. Sophorn says:

    Aww love them 🙂 they are definitely my #1 favorite kookwan of all time 🙂

  4. cool :) says:

    :'( i miiss them,well mostly Kob but.. lol

  5. yajnaree says:

    Yay!!! Both of them are the kookwan for me. Glad to see them together again.

  6. Julie says:

    Miss them so much,hope they can pair up again

  7. See says:

    My all time favorite koo kwan along with Mew and Willy. I agree, no other pairing that the media today likes to call koo kwan or koo gine can compare.

  8. Mai says:

    lol Num and his chains, he wears them all the time now. It’s like he’s ready to take it out and whip somebody with it

  9. Songie says:

    They are so lovable. With all the integral activities, i was wondering if they were re-uniting for something. I love and respect their close relationship after all these years, both in and out of ET. Both looking great too, but i also have the same question p’Kob has for p’Num. We just care for him after all these years. XD

  10. Kashie says:

    Brings back good memories…I too am wondering when Num will get marry. Still smiling that he was on “Take me out Thailand” and so many girls took themselves out.

  11. Tipstar says:

    Definitely one of my top OTPs in Thai lakorns. I think I rewatched Dao Pra Sook so many times that I knew the lines when I was younger! Then there was Sai Lo Hit too! Must tune in for this episode!

    Thanks for the update, Shamp!

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