Rising star or falling star? Namtarn Pichukkana’s news incredibly quiet

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  1. 银基网 says:


  2. :) says:

    This girl does not look like a Nang ‘ek.

    She’s a falling star alrite. Lol !!!

  3. Berry says:

    Well I think she will do just fine with or without krasae. She also have a lakorn with Poh N. too I believe. Maybe she’s just not getting too much hype because she work with more vets which I respect because she can handle them. Although I did hear that she Nadech’s nang ek in his school project along with Saipan. Regardless of that stuff I still appreciate her talent and that she’s the few pure Thai or non mixed nang ek left.

  4. Nikki says:

    She is definitely a Rising STARS, so other Dara better be watch out. She is by far the most Pretty Thai Actress. Yaya, Margie, Kimberbly, Mint, can’t can’t even compare to her, Like forreal.

    • zap says:

      She’s not as pretty in pics…don’t know why. I just haven’t liked a picture she’s taken so far. The actresses you named are pretty too, just in their own way. Like Yaya is cute, Kim is pretty, Margie gets prettier the deeper you look, and Mint is pretty mixed with cute…. *shrugs* LOL.

      • Berry says:

        You say Margie gets prettier the deeper you look. I thought of Namtarn the same way myself, but people now are so into the mixed mut features they fail to appreciate the roots. In my own opinion though, for only one lakorn, I can say she’s a much better actress than Yaya and Kim. Those girls are great and I follow them both but I’m not gonna ignore the fact that they are over rated. Only my opinion.

        • zap says:

          Yeah, I didn’t find her pretty the first time I saw her either, but she grew on me and I like her now and think she’s very pretty in person. She just needs the right hair style. LOL. I think as a newbie she definitely has talent in the vocal area, but she could use more training on her facial expressions.

  5. Shampoo says:

    I think she’s ok. She probably needs to pair up with someone younger.

  6. Mai says:

    krasae keeps people interested, so as a celebrity you need to be in the news

  7. aymie says:

    I like Namtarn, I see potential in her. I’m still following up on her upcoming lakorns. She’s a new actress, give her a break 🙂

  8. Sunflower says:

    I really like her work with Ken. For being a newbie, she has showed that she deserves a spot in the light. I honestly can’t wait for more of her work to air.

  9. kat says:

    With her short hair, she’s cute but with long she’s pretty. like her with ken phongpanu. .look cute together. ..seen dao kiang duen it’s interesting not boring….yay…ken is sooooo hot

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