Rumor?! Is Min problematic and having a boyfriend to spite Porshe?

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  1. Berry says:

    Idk I think him starting to feel bad for the girl about all these news but ok Min get your brat on. I still like her acting and lakorns.

  2. Sy says:

    I dont know why these stars answer these questions with long answers and try to expain themselves, it makes them look more guilty. Heres how i would of answered them.

    There is news that you’re problematic, throwing tantrum at the drama set?
    “Oh really, thats funny, guess im gonna get fired soon aye lol( well i would laugh jokingling)”

    The news said you were mad at the makeup artist because they put on prettier makeup for the others.
    “(laughs) yes im really mad cause i like to stress myself out with lame thoughts(smiles) shakes head and laugh again at how lame the gossip is.

    There is another news that you’re tired of your fanclub. You smile infront of them but complain behind their back.
    “now thats a stupid question, who would be stupid enough to diss their own fanclub,oh wait I am, (laughs in disbelief in the stupid question).

    What about the news that you’re having a boyfriend to spite Porshe for dating a girl outside of the entertainment?
    “Guess i shud never date than aye? ill be a old bitter lady with lots of cats at my house lol”

    Anymore questions u wanna ask me? If not all good.

    Than again, english and thai will have different interpretations in how its perceived but this may come across arrogant but better to condescend the stupid question because if ur not guilty and know how stupid these questions these rumours are, u just have got to rise above the accusation and be smart about it. Make it be known that these stupid lame trivial questions are really petty in ur eyes.

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