Sara Casinghini reveals DNA result confirm Mike Pirath the father of her baby

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  1. :) says:

    “Who is the father”?

    Dang girl !!!, .. have u been sleeping around. This tells me a lot about ur-self. Young girls theses days are pretty wild. 🙁

    • Berry says:

      Lol I was thinking the same thing smiley face! People request for DNA results from an EX for a reason, but she could’ve been misunderstood too. After all, I do like her answers here and how she put it out there that she is focused on her child.

      Btw Thanks Shampoo for the great articles. By banning men like him and I think pong, really show that you stand proudly behind women and empower them. I gotta respect it.

      • Shampoo says:

        She wasn’t an ex when she was pregnant. They were still together when she was pregnant. hahah Then he goes and cheat on her.

        • Berry says:

          Ohhh. Hey I didn’t know he cheated on her while they were together. Hmmm my answers would’ve been different then. For sure he didn’t seem to take her serious at all so that’s why she just came off sounding so irrelevant through these news. So yea she’s quite misunderstood from people including me.

    • ^_^ says:

      hi 🙂 don’t you read read this. why do you ask again? or do you understand English?

  2. WTF... says:

    she is just creating buzz. why put it out there if you wanted your privacy. in america ladies and gentlemen we call this a TRAP. mike has a lot of money and from a good family. so here are my question she actually answered most of them
    why get a DNA test
    – because you sleep around a lot that’s why you had to get one. you want mike to marry you. he doesn’t even like you
    you want the baby to have mike name and for him to be the father
    – but the baby cant sleep out with mike. but he can come to you house and play with the baby so you can what?? seduce him

    THIS GIRL IS THE CLASSIC DUMB ASS young /old girl using her body cause that’s all she got. who turns down easy sex. i don’t want mike to marry her, i have a feeling this is all going to backfire on her.

    • mis0707 says:

      Exactly!! This is why I think Mike is very hesitant to take action right now. IDK why people are accusing him of not being a MAN when they don’t know what she’s been up to as well.

      • Sali says:

        WTF, how do you know if she’s rich or not? Her family is probably richer than Mike and his family’s asset together. She only agrees to do the DNA test because his family wanted. If she gets offended then you would be accusing her of the same thing. If she agrees to it, then you’re still accusing her.

        I don’t think you people are even reading. She doesn’t even want marriage from him. She doesn’t even demand anything from his sorry of a pssy*. Except, she wants him to sign the birth certificate.

        I am sure she has more than what Mike has to offer fans like you.

        As a mother, of course she would be possessive of her baby. Heck! He might even brought it to Aom to carry so you can scream over it.

        Continue to stay in Mike land. He will keep feeding you what you want. Most people in Thailand don’t believe the shit what Mike is saying because they know what a person he is through his actions and his words. No one feels sorry for him except his hardcore fans. The Thai netizen knows what a faker he is.

        • mis0707 says:

          This is so ridiculous, if even you are right…why should Mike be pointed as a bad person…there are probably thousands of men out in the REAL WORLD who faces the same situation or is doing exactly what MIKE is doing. People can’t just cut him of because of that. There other people who have it WAY WORSE. Maybe Mike just needs some DAMN TIME, because being a parent is MENTALLY and PSYCHOLOGICALLY difficult before and after.

          • Sali says:

            People don’t feel bad for him because he’s putting good word for himself but not for her and his baby!!! What father would said that even if he isn’t mine, I will raise him? When obviously, the baby is his! Does he think he is a saint or a monk? His fans actually think he will raise someone who is not his baby. They even put a standing ovation for him.

            Why should we care about the thousands of men out there when they’re not even a public figure? We don’t know shit about their story. Don’t compared many men to Mike, who makes himself sounds like a saint but not even respecting his child and the mother of his child. This is Mike story. Not the thousands of men you want to blame.

        • WTF... says:

          with all that you have said why does she need to have mike sign the certificate. if you are a strong woman you can do without it. its SINGLE MOMS who RULE THE WORLD. therefore you need to fall back. there are plenty of men out it the world.that baby could call dad. your very close mined. also when you said ” what father would raise a kid that isn’t theirs” its called love. you don’t have to be related to the child in order to be called father. also she can give the baby the last name if she wants to or not. i may be a fan of mikes but dumb crap like this happens everyday. im from the generation where young girls will get pregnant so the guy will say with them. but its a 50-50 chance and most of the time the guy never stays with the girl. he only there for the baby

          • Sali says:

            I think you must miss the point that she wants her son to have a father and not be left as a secret where her son can’t call his biological father? Please, don’t try to be feminist when what you’re writing here is giving Mike a standing ovation.

            So the baby can call anyone Father? Are you serious? You can randomly go call anyone your dad?

            Oh please, why would he love the child if it’s not his baby? He didn’t even want to acknowledge the baby publicly. That’s a laugh.

            Still, you’re missing the point, this girl is not even demanding him to marry her.

          • Mai says:

            Sali and anyone thinking like Sali is not being closed minded. If the baby is not living with him and it’s not his baby, why would he accept any responsibilities? It’s a laugh to even claim he has any love for the child when he hasnt even signed the paternity papers. If the baby wasnt his you better bet he’d wipe his hands clean. He doesnt even have dignity as a man to come out to confirm the baby is his after the DNA results came out against what he wished for. I feel bad for the baby who has a father like him. A father who has been irresponsible from day one and too busy putting on eye makeup to care about the well being of his child

          • meme says:

            Why does Sara have to be a strong woman and be a single mother? So Mike can keep his fame? Selfish!

            what if there are other people out there who are single mothers, doesn’t mean she has to be one too.

            you people need to understand that he is the father of this child and he needs to come out and be responsible like he say he will be.

    • meme says:

      Ignorant comment! Is it that you are a big fan of MIke, that’s why you don’t like her? Stupid. To answer your question, She got an DNA test to prove those who were in doubt. (like you) PUblic always got crap to say. Its proven, its his kid. Ya mad? Get over it. Imagine if it wasn’t, ya will b**** more. Already calling her easy. Have some respect, especially for someone you don’t even know. smh. Whether they married or not, its not on you or anyone to decide.

      He liked her enough to get her pregnant! Lmfao. Keep that in mind.

      And which mother wouldn’t be possessive about their baby? Become a mother and you will understand where she’s coming from. At least she’s not expecting/demanding much from him, all she wants is his name to be on the birth certificate. She has every right to want that because IT is his kid. And sadly, the baby is taking on her last name instead of his when he’s the father. She didn’t make the kid on herself. Sympathize her for gods sake.

  3. soni says:

    Wow, I’m surprise that all the bashing/blaming are from girls. Honestly, they are both adults who had unprotected sex. They both should have known better, but were careless and now have a beautiful baby boy. All she wants is for him to sign the paper so the baby has a father’s name. I don’t see that as her trapping him. If he is so rich and afraid of girls trying to trap him then he needs to keep it in his pants or use protection, which he obvious didn’t do. Now, he needs to take responsibility and take care of his son.

    • Mouna says:

      She did it’s on purpose, EVERYBODY know you can’t avert after 3 month and she waited the 4month to said him she pregnant with him. It’s so easy for her, and the times Mike has to take the situation is too short. Honestly, I think this is the reason of the break for both of them. I know a girl who did the same thing to keep the guy and they are not good mother because if she wanted the good of her child she wouldn’t does that. She should have think the better for the baby and they it’s on first place to him before the 4 month. For people who doesn’t know it even if you have sex with condom you can be pregnant because they protected you to 97,3% not 100%.

      I am disappointed you don’t write on people because you don’t like what they do. Your work must not be objective, if you don’t like what people do you should write anything about it on the first place. don’t you think ?

      • soni says:

        First of all, you make no sense at all. Second of all, Mike is not the victim here so stop saying he is. He’s just afraid of losing his “star” reputation because he can’t keep it in his pants. I’m not saying he can’t have sex, but with a penis comes great responsibility. Like I said earlier, they are both adults who had unprotected sex and this is the result of it. He needs to own up to his responsibility as a father and a provider for his son. A man who neglects his responsibility is no man at all. This goes for the woman as well.

        Just because you know of someone who “tried to trap a man” doesn’t mean it’s the same for this situation. You are just assuming and that makes you look like an ass.

        Lastly, don’t be disappointed because you don’t agreed with me. You are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.

      • Shampoo says:

        You make no sense about your last paragraph. You should rephrase it.

      • meme says:

        Can’t believe how ridiculous people are in here, these comments cracks me up! Its like you people are not even human.

        Takes two to tangle, he needs to man up and take responsibility for his child.

        what if she waited til she was four months to tell him, did you want her to get an abortion? You are people are so cruel!

        I would like to see ya get pregnant and have ya boyfriend/husband to tell you to get an abortion!!! Karma’s a biatch.

        and just because someone you know kept their baby to trap their baby daddy doesn’t mean its the same case here. LOL

        Stop protecting Mike like he is five years old GIrls, this boy needs to man up. At least, Sara had the balls to come out unlike Mike, still hiding in his shell.

  4. :) says:

    A man is just a guy with a penis. And that’s all Mike is.

  5. Ash says:

    Reading her interview frustrate me to no end. I stopped midway because there were too many WTFs moment.

    1) Mike is too tired? Are you kidding me! So now that the proof is here he is too tired to speak on the subject because he’s afraid of more backlash. Then he should have kept his pecker firmly zip in his pants so this wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Once you have a child there are times you rearrange your life according to them. The child is your responsibility because you chose to create that life.

    2) He hasn’t sign the certificate because….no reason is good enough not to do it. DNA has him all over it so there should not be any more dragging his feet. All she wanted is his name on the certificate so the baby wouldn’t grow fatherless. The child deserve at least that much. I think everyone in Mike’s camp is just as screwed in the head about the whole situation, there’s like no sane person that’s mature enough to figure anything out when it comes to this child.

    3) The fans that are supporting him saying it’s not his fault and so on…It is his fault because he decided to have unprotected sex. He is a grown man, you don’t neglect the harder things in life and embrace only the easier part of it. He wanted to come out smelling like a rose but too bad maneuver has been spread all over that rose of his.

    • Mai says:

      I couldnt have said it better Ash. All this girl wanted was his name on the paternity papers, this is not a decision he needs anyone to make for him because when he unzipped his pants, so why ask for anyone’s opinion now a baby came as result of him pulling it out?

  6. Duchess says:

    If I was Mike’s parent, I would be adamant about my grandchild getting the best possible protection. But I guess they realized Mike is not mature enough for the child and haven’t pushed him to sign the papers. Cause you know, Mike being a kid himself needs time to put on his make-up and stress about how this situation might make his skin break-out (what a catastrophe!), or that too many people now know what an a** he is.

    All sarcastic jokes aside. What kind of father would imply that his own child, might not be his? What kind of father would not give his name to his child. Regardless of his feelings for the mother of the baby, the child itself has done no wrong to Mike. But Mike has already allowed the world to speculate if the child is a bastard. How can you subject your child to such scrutiny?

    Not that this impacts me in any way, but I just feel pity for the baby and hope that he can overcome his parents mistakes and go on to live a normal life.

    As for Mike, I think he should neuter himself so that such a situation doesn’t ‘stress’ him out again. Poor baby, (Mike, not the child) is going through soooo much. Why is the world picking on him. Boohoo! Let him hide in his corner and fix his lipstick while he’s at it.

  7. Kk says:

    He said he was going to take responsibility but doesn’t. d***!

  8. Mouna says:

    I think some People did not read the the same article, he said even if the child wasn’t mine I will take the responsibility and he said he did’t want the DNA because for me the child is mine. i am a girl and not fan of Mike but a least I am objective and more clever than some people. Which didn’t read what she said like “I waited the 4 month to tell him i am pregnant” The Hell who wait that long to say that and after the 3 month who doesn’t you can’t aborted the baby. She even doesn’t allow him to keep the baby one night with him !! Mike as fault in this story but she has more than him to keep him blind of the situation that long. I would have leave someone like her too she not clear.
    A real woman will have the baby by herself and don’t ask anything from the other one, she have a name and pride or not ?
    FOR INFORMATION even with condom you can be pregnant they protect you to 97,3% not 100, and the pill don’t work when you are sick some time. So all you who didn’t know it BE CAREFULL.

    • Mizama says:

      In case you don’t know, abortion is taboo and illegal in Thailand(only if it is from rape, will be allowed), and she is too good to kill her child unlike you, because of this she was praised by every one except Mike’s Hardcore FC that she did the right thing and has well responsibility to her child and she’s never demanding anything except father’s name in birth certificate which until now Mike has not signed yet and never support or give his son any toys or diapers too (let alone if he is not father of him he will never even care). She told her parents when 8 mth so it’s not surprise me if she told Mike when 4 mth. Mike knew she was pregnant before they broke up because he cheated on her with Ing while she was pregnant probably 6-8 mth and she was disappointed and want to be a single mom, they are on and off all the time for 7-8 years Mike did cheat on her many time before and then they always end up together again // their parents knew about this all along PS. Sarah’s parents is richer than Mike’s. No point for her to trap him. Many richer and more handsome man than Mike courted her but she chose him and well she gave her true love to wrong person.

    • Mizama says:

      Can you answer this? how can father who has never supported money or given a toy or diaper to his real son will take the responsibility for other man’s child, even the child is not his??? WTF He has not even given his son a birth certificate too. Such a d*** father. Whatever reason he has sorry for not understanding.

  9. Suck it up says:

    SO they have a baby now…cool beans.

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