Sara Malakul strips down for Hollywood Movie “12-12-12”

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  1. Kizukami says:

    Eh? she acts or she strips? Seriously when Asian actresses guest in Hollywood movies, all they do is STRIP

    • Shampoo says:

      No, she’s the main character. She plays the mother of a the kid turn lunatic or something like that. If you go to rakdara, there were like 3 scenes where her breasts were bared.

  2. Mai says:

    lol Kiz she’s a lead actress in this movie, but there are scenes in the movie where she bares her assets. If you go to any of the thai webbies, they’ve got pictures of her naked from the waist up. That’s pretty daring for a Thai na’ek who didn’t even do kiss scenes

    • Shampoo says:

      Thai nang’ek are doing more and more kissing scenes now. I’m not surprised at Sara though, it’s probably because she’s so Americanized? She could barely speak Thai fluently. lol I think Paul insult her when they broke up too. Not sure what he said.

  3. jess says:

    I am actually surprised shamp cuz sara is known to be very well manner..when she first take up schooling in the states she was having a hard time with things.. she had to kiss this ugly guy for practice, it took her awhile ..but than again if u enter hollywood , u have to do what u have to.. as for paul i think he did too..

  4. Shampoo says:

    wow really? that’s sad.

  5. Mai says:

    There’s lots of Hollywood actresses that dont strip topless. This movie wasnt a big budget one. It went straight to dvd

  6. Shampoo says:

    I would understand if it’s big budget and she strip for it, but it’s a damn sad thing it’s for a low budget that doesn’t even get show on theater.

  7. Mai says:

    lol @ the doesnt even get show off

    Shamp I’m trying to reach you..since you became editor so hard to reach you lol

  8. Beve says:

    Why are people talking about nudiness and how bold or strippers… Have u guys seen JANDARA 1 and 2 lately lol … Butt naked or not though I loved the movies .. But that 12-12-12 movie was very low budget.

  9. Mai says:

    jandara actually showed nipples? cause Sara was topless topless, nipples and all lol

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