Sasi Sintavee refutes being 3rd hand causing Kaew-Pong’s breakup

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  1. yajnaree says:

    I think I believe her more than Pong. Why couldn’t you just break it up clean with Kaew first?

  2. I love watching his lakorns, but this whole series of incidents is just too funny. He’s blaming his 20 y/o gf for being immature? LOLZ. He’s what 35ish, and still acting like a child. Plus, like yajnaree said, I kinda believe Sassy and Kaew more than his side of the story. He aired his dirty laundry so much more openly than Kaew. Who’s answers were a bit more reserved and a lot more mature than what Pong answered.

  3. :) says:

    She is is FUNNY !!! Lol… U go girl !!! Lol

  4. Kreeta says:

    Sassy can really hurt with her honest reply!

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