Sean Jindachote admits Gypsy closest female to him

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  1. Laila says:

    I always had a feeling this was going to happen after everything transpire, because I would see Sean and Gypsy hanging out a lot with their manager. I mean, even before everything they hung out a lot. Jes and Gybsy was cute together but I guess somethings just don’t last forever. I’m slightly surprise it happened but not entirely surprise either. It’s just kind of weird now since they were all “friends” but then it doesn’t even matter anymore. 2 of them broke up, the other 2 had beef so that leaves Sean and Gybsy while the other 2 are out of the picture. lol

  2. Noy says:

    I’m not surprise. They have been in soo many lakorn together, soo lots of time spent together. I know she admit she’s Bi but I don’t feel it. Lol i know it’s not my place, sexuality is complicated. I have many gay friends and my bro is gay, by no means that it make me an expert but I feel it gives me some knowledge. I have many friends who is “bi”, but they are constantly only looking for a man. One has a long distance “gf”, but from what I see it’s more like a friend but there’s a title. It’s just for emotional support. I feel Gypsy was extremely hurt by Jes and her emotional needs were meet by female friends. I love my female friends and even say they’ll make me a great gf but I’m not attracted to them. I feel she is trying to “find” herself and Jes might have been the one, they had soo much emotions in their interview, esp. Her. He seems to move on fine and quickly. Gypsy and Sean was able to cont. Their friendship because they work together more. Looks like he is starting to help her heal. Good luck

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