Serious Issue! Channel 7 blacklisting stars who miss lakorn work for events

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  1. Kizukami says:

    wow, an intense issue. Ch7 is strict eh? but I think the one who should be doing this is CH3 lol, Ch3 seems to give their daras more freedom and choices

  2. Lalita says:

    Yeah Channel 3 should have some disciplinary action for their stars as well

  3. ash30 says:

    It must have gotten real bad for them to issue something this severe. I wonder if it is mainly the pra’eks and n’eks.

  4. :) says:

    Hello Stupid actors. U are paid to do their job as actors in lakorn.Finish ur job of acting in lakorn first than go on and do ur appearance u dumb actors. If it was I, I’ll be strict as well. Everyone has a life, no one can’t wait for u. Ur not that F***ing important. I get the fact that they get paid more for showing up at event, but FINISH ur job. I thought that Thai people was all about showing respect to the elder. This is surely showing NO RESPECT.

  5. serendity says:

    This article shows two side: the actor/actress being irresponsible and shows no serious commitment to the Lakorn & that perhaps the reason why the actor/actress even have another personal event on top of the Lakorn is maybe they’re being underpaid as well as over-work and they need those personal event to help garner more cash flow??

    But, ultimately, when it comes to acting, those actor/actress should just stick to acting first. Filming is quite costly and without that actor/actress not showing up, he/she is actually wasting the staffs’ time and their loss of money. Alot of actors/actresses as well as viewers forget that one of the reasons why we’re able to watch these Lakorns is thanks to the staffs. They work way too hard and in longer hours than these actors/actresses. It makes me sad that they are not getting paid enough as these actors/actresses yet they work way harder. So, when these actor/actress don’t show up on time, all of the planning and setting go to waste and the staffs have to do it again for the next filming. It screws up time, planning, and costs alot as the productions will have to rent the place again or find another appropriate time to rent the place again. I always despise hearing one actor/actress that shows up late for work just because he/she is a ‘celebrity’ and supposedly have special ‘privileges’ to be late. Augh. Don’t even act in the Lakorn if you’re going to be late. So, I support this new rule.

  6. seng says:

    A contract is a contract. If you’re not available don’t waste the studios time waiting on you. There’s plenty of new faces to put on screen. I personally like to see new talent. Actual talented actors not just a pretty face on screen.

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