Donut’s confused Ananda announce breakup through the media

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  1. ash30 says:

    The way she pose make her look like a boy. They were friends…then dated if it doesn’t work out I hope they can remain friends.

  2. yahoo says:

    Donut is so pretty, it’s his loss. So what if she wants a private life? I’d rather marry someone who doesn’t like publicizing their life than someone who turns to the camera to expose every little detail of their life. Like Ananda, who’s had a ton of girlfriends. I think he’s hot and she’s cute and they make a gorgeous pair, but if it doesn’t work out because of the issue they discussed…grr.

  3. AnandasCousin says:

    as his cousin all i can say is he dumped donut cause he wants to chase Yaya, i know this is factual. Believe me or not but i know this first hand.

    • kremepie says:

      true or not, he has no chance anyway.

    • newtolakorns says:

      If you are his real cousin, why do you have to announce it to the world? Doesn’t make him like a nice person, does it?

      • AnandasCousin says:

        Cause Donut is not a nice person and he doesnt care what i say since its the truth and his already gone on woody and hinted it through media how much he liked her.

        He did everything he good to get the Magnum deal with yaya cause he really likes her. Ananda doesnt really care what the media says about him, at the end of the day my cuz always comes up on top, and still gets the movie deals. 🙂

    • AnandasWorstNightMare says:

      As Ananda’s worst night mare, all I can say is he better start going to church because I’ll be visiting him nightly.

  4. waverly says:

    I wish Donut the best. She seems like a lovely person inside and out. I hope they can still remain as friends.

  5. Neena says:

    Oh goodness, I love those comments… good way to make me LMAO. I hope Ananda visits this site and reads these comments so he knows which cousin is ratting him out.

  6. annie says:

    how are you?
    What happened ~Why the editor not continue to update this site?

    • notanandascousin says:

      yes of course you are ananda’s cousin, you even use it as your user name. Thank you for entertaining us with your stupidity. If you are really his cousin , that would make you very stupid for disclosing his personal life.

  7. Sunflower says:

    He is not a man. Expose to the public that your relationship is over when you haven’t discuss it with your companion. If anyone is “not a nice person” (AnandasCousin) it’s him.

  8. Kreeta Chutasot says:

    Any more updates for month of August 2013? Seems the last update was in July. Txs.

  9. Knoxy says:

    Admins here should learn the operations of being an admin and not be too involved. Hope they learned to shut their pie holes and perform the daily functions of running a site and that would entail leaving their bias opinions off the board and allow members to equally express their opinions. If you want to be an admin, then be an admin by running the damn site properly. If you have requirements and set stupid rules then be consistent across the board. Example: Registering for spicyforum, I don’t know why you guys are so stupid by contradicting yourself on whether a person can or cannot use a certain username to express their love for their dara. Isn’t this a fan website?! Power crazy! Also, don’t attack your members on the site! Most website I know have admins and moderators that stands back unless things get out of hand. Shit, things get out of hand because of the admins!

    • Sunny says:

      Hi Knoxy,
      Thank you for taking the time to share your concern, we will look into it and will resolve your issues as soon as we can or you may contact our team directly and they’ll be able to help you. (Is that what you want? us being a robot admin?)

      Surely if you are not happy, it is as simple as leaving the website, we run our website the way we want as it is our website, we are successful running it the way we want originally since 2004.

      Go and try running your own forum and have as much contents, members and money and than just stand back and watch, see if it’s easy to last.

      Thank you for visiting Sugar-Daily and taking the time to share your experience with us 🙂

    • Shampoo says:

      Members here should learn the operation of being a member and just accept the admins opinion. If you believe you have the privilege to comments, we admins can too. And it does matter the name they use because how pathetic is it to have so many username and arguing with yourself or trying to help your self with a different name? If our opinions are bias, yours are not? Lol and don’t attack the admins! Don’t be pathetic. We’re not going to sit and watch. Lol shit don’t get out of hand because of the admins,it’s because you can’t accept the things said abiut your favorite celebs. Lol suck it up and puff it up.if you haven’t learn how we work, just get out.

  10. Knoxy says:

    @sunny, you almost had it there until you cracked and allowed your arrogance to kick in. “we run our website the way we want as it is our website” <—simply dumpster talk from an admin. Spicyforum's rep runs through all the arrogance crap coming from all the admins' mouths. Just stick to your default answer, "surely if you are not happy, it is as simple as leaving the website." Take a step back and look at how you guys handle the situation. Go back and read all your comments. Really, stop putting yourself on blast and embarrassing yourself.Here's a good example per @shampoo, "Members here should learn the operation of being a member and just accept the admins opinions" and "suck it up and puff it up. if you haven't learn how we work, just get out." Arrogance! Just stop with your reckless tangents when you have existing members? I suppose they are conforming to the style you have set in place. Enough of your pathetic excuse shampoo, if you feel the need to explain why the username is in place per that reason, then resign yourself.

    Learn to accept critiques and make improvements.

    • Bee says:

      Why don’t you shut your piehole as you put it so eloquently put it. Why are you stirring trouble? Whats with the trouble making out of nowhere. You don’t like it here than dont click, so the rest of us can enjoy the blog without you.

    • Mai says:

      We will continue to give our opinions, if you dont like it then it’s simple as not clicking. It’s not that hard. Just dont type our url on your computer. If our opinions dont matter to you, then dont read it. There’s plenty of blogs that editors themselves give their opinions, and that’s how we’re going to keep running our blog.

      It’s not our duty to update this blog, we’re doing fanclubs out there a favor by bringing news. Learn to appreciate. You’re not entitled to updates, we dont owe you anything. We dont charge you a monthly fee to visit our blog, so dont act like we owe you the world to cuss us out when you’ve done nothing to contribute.

  11. Sunny says:

    People like you Knoxy is ruining everything for everyone else that knows how to appreciate other people’s hard work.

    It is simple, don’t come if you don’t like, we are not forcing you to come and read whatever is happening here and take all the words you’ve typed to us back to yourself.

    We strive to do the best we can and if you can do better, I beg of you to go make your own forum and be the ideal admin you want to be. Thanks again for visiting us, as we are always on your mind 🙂

  12. Sou says:

    I come here to read news, not nonsense; although entertaining, but not, since I know none of you. So, I’ll gladly be patient with admin, to finally give us some more THAI CELEBRITY news. In the meantime, I’ll go live my LIFE as I normally do.

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