Shortage of leading actors in the market, Aum Patchrapa too old

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  1. :) says:

    Is she really consider the most BEAUTIFUL ????? I don’t think so. Lol !!

  2. SNV says:

    I for one, think that Aum actually does match younger guys though….lol

  3. az says:

    Out of all the pra ekks, she got paired with weir … WHYYY!???!!

  4. Kreeta Chutasot says:

    Aum has great ‘Star Quality’ that many of those new comers lack.

    She does not need to be the most beautiful, but the x factor on her face is really hard to match.

    BTW, Aum does not look any where near 35 yrs old. Age is just a figure. Camera angle and abilities to act in lakorns is what matters most.

    Her huge fanclub base and tv viewers is her best testimony.

  5. On Bunna says:

    I have been waiting for her new larkorn so long. Really glad that she is filming Praao now. I want to see her in Larkorn with Nadech, Mario, Jame Ji, and Sonyuke.
    How cool it will be 🙂

  6. Sovatana says:

    I’m tired of Ch7 lakorns that the actors/actresses in every of their lakorns are the same. They don’t have much talented/good Pra’ek or either Nang’ek (except Aum). That’s why I never watch their lakorns. I wish Aum could come to Ch3 instead that she could be paired up with some better (and young) Pra’ek like Nadech or Mario, anyone! I’ve seen Nun and Jui, just their first lakorn in Ch3. They are so popular. Well, Nun is already so popular and she’s more popular. Jui who wasn’t that much, are quite popular now. It would make a new and good different for Aum if she really do. I have no idea why she is still in the (boring) Ch7!

  7. Hycinth says:

    For Asian star, Aum handles herself very well. She has been a star for a long time and still remain very popular. I am very please to see that she continues to remain active and stay in touch with her fans. Hope that many of the young Thai stars will model after her. Also, she doesn’t need to be the most beautiful Thai actress because she is smart, has great personality, sexy, good, and very adaptable. Keep up the good work Aum!!! Your fan from the USA.

  8. MSYERBABE says:

    Can someone help with cause I can’t view anything in there and they’re not accepting new member too. And I’m love reading about lakorn and people comment. Is there a way I can view their page or sign up for as a new member

  9. anne says:

    She still looks beautiful for her age! She has talent, looks, personalities n she is really smart. So wat if she is old, she still got it! Plus she doesnt hve the looks to play a mother role o a side role like a sister o friend, cuz she is too beautiful for tht.

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