Six pack fever! All pra’ek competes for it.

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  1. Kizukami says:



  2. Mai says:

    lol it use to be a thing in the past that the guys that show skin were the desparate supporting actors who had to show skin to get scripts. Now it’s everyone the a-listers and the desperates lol

    I guess Pong doesnt make this skin’s list again, no matter how many skin pics he posts on his IG. He should retire on those sexy shoots

  3. thailakorn123 says:

    Lol. I was going to say that although Pong is always shirtless, does not mean he has a fit body.

  4. Lalita says:

    lol Boy looks chubby on that Men’s Health cover

  5. phatman says:

    Art and Aum wins my vote.

  6. BONBY DIARY says:

    I like Ken,Weir and Um

  7. yui says:

    even i’m crazy over boy pakorn.. LOLs.. but i choose aum’s body.. oh my.. it’s freaking hot.. not so ‘big’..

    when i saw boy in men’s health, i was like ‘are you serious?’ but however,, he looks HEALTHY! lols

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