Son labels rumors of fighting with Tono over Vill, Ridiculous

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  1. northernstar says:

    what? I thought she was with Mark but why is there news of her and son and tono again?

  2. Kizukami says:

    Tono was rumored to chase after her, Son used to like her but someone Vill ended up being with Mark LOOOOOOL

  3. :) says:

    I LOVE Vill and Son. Their my all time sweetheart ! ^•^

    • Maly says:

      I love Vill & Son, they are a cute & pretty couple in the role play… Actually, that’s a great if they become a real couple at behind the scenes. I always support both of you…Sou Sou..!!!! Please remember that never ended & never be late for every one’s live!

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