Speechless! Marie Broener kisses Lesbian in Pub

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  1. Pajai says:

    thats disgusting! and you accidentally put Margie LOL

  2. ninjakkn says:

    Big deal…she already semi-admitted that they’re studying each other. It’s not like she’s kissing a different lesbian, still the same one as before. Lol

  3. Cupid Candy says:

    The pic with the tom’s hand near her chest gives me the chills.

  4. Wonbinlover says:

    Her significant other is not pretty. The rubbing the chest in public is a little too much PDA.

  5. Shampoo says:

    I think it’s ok for her to have a relationship that people these days still don’t accept… But as a public figure she should be more chaste. She needs to be careful of what she does in public. She could do what she wants privately.

  6. xingtze says:

    At least she is not trying to pretend, I prefer Marie compare to “other” fake daras.

  7. Sphek says:

    I don’t know what the big deal about this, so what if she dating or showing her affected to her partner.

  8. Mai says:

    I think what people think is so daring is her girlfriend is stroking and groping her breasts in a public place lol. No matter if she’s dating a boy or a girl lol

    • amy says:

      i dont think her gf was groping her breast. it looks like it, but her hands are abit lower than breasts, more like on her ribs. She could have been on her way to put her hands around maries waist. Its just a picture, not a clip…so we can really tell what happend

  9. Mai says:

    No the way her hands are placed on Marie, she’s clearly groping her. No way she was just on her way down to her waist lol

  10. UrWorstNightMare says:

    They’re at a pub what shouldn’t we expect. LMAO.

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