Spicy Forum Accepting New Members. ETA: Forum now closed for membership

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  1. Wisteriyah says:


    Email: nursewisteriyah@yahoo.com

  2. lilothaogurl says:

    Email: sthao021@gmail.com

  3. milktea says:

    thanks in advance

  4. Lalita says:

    Emails have been sent, check your email to complete registration. Happy posting! If you dont receive the email please let me know.

    • Lalita says:

      That is not a valid username for our board, please chose a username that is not a description of a person.

      • Lovely girl says:

        U mean I can’t use username ” smart girl ” ? If like this I will chose username ” Shandiamond ” instead. Thx in advanc!

  5. Lalita says:

    Your username is already taken, so I just added a star in front of your name *Mya

  6. teasingonly555 says:

    username: teasingonly555
    thanks been waiting

  7. loveoftvb says:

    Username: love_of_tvb

    THANKS ^_^

  8. Lalita says:

    This is also not a valid username for the board, please refer to number 3 rule at the top.

  9. anita33033 says:


  10. David Serey says:

    E-Mail: serey_david@yahoo.com
    Thank you

  11. jarofnothing says:

    thanks! been a lurker of spicy for a while {: glad to finally be a part of it!

  12. Lalita says:

    All the rest of you, I have added as members

  13. teran says:

    hey, thank you!



  14. SangSS says:

    Email: linglisang@yahoo.com

  15. Sora says:


  16. lambxx says:

    USER NAME: lambxx

    email: irissylam@hotmail.com


  17. yo says:

    i want to place my request,

    username: yoyo_icecube
    email: yoyo_icecube@yahoo.com.my

    thx in advance naaaa ^^

  18. Kerry says:

    Username: kerryk
    Email: ting_yjysm@hotmail.com

  19. Lalita says:

    Hi guys, sorry for the wait. I won’t be able to fulfill your request for membership, until a couple more days. Til than everyone can still leave their username and email here.

  20. Kelly says:

    e-mail: thudy12@uef.edu.vn

  21. Phuong Anh says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your news.

    My user: iris.tran
    Email: anhraas@gmail.com

  22. YaMaMiKi says:

    Username: YaMaMiKi
    Email: YaMaMiKi_2504@hotmail.com

  23. bilitok says:

    username: bilitok

    email: yoursecretkeeper@hotmail.com

  24. Lalita says:

    Sorry for the delay guys, everyone has been added as members, unless your username wasn’t approve. All emails should have been sent, if you didn’t receive the confirmation email, please let me know

  25. lambxx says:


    I didn’t get any email, pls send me again..thanks

    USER NAME: lambxx

    email: irissylam@hotmail.com

  26. Dthaient says:

    Lalita, new username. Kimix, email is dthaient@yahoo.com

  27. Lalita says:

    We don’t want to be too strict. Beside registration is now open, and it wouldn’t be fair to you, if other members get to pick their username.

  28. Lalita says:

    Hi, you can now register yourself at Spicy. We just open it up a couple hours ago, we think the spam bot problem is solved with the new updates.

  29. vmnew says:

    Hi, can someone help me restore my account ? My username is vmnew but I am not able to login or re-register as my email is in the database. Unable to reset my password too as it throws errors.

  30. laserbeam says:

    Username: awesomeshiit13

    Email: awesomeshiit@gmail.com

  31. Mai says:

    Can everyone check their spam folders and see if they got an e-mail from Lalita? If you still dont see anything, please let us know. Thanks

  32. reeya6573 says:

    Hi,would like to apply be a member
    Here,pls help.thanks ~

  33. Lalita says:

    Registration is now open for you to do so yourself. So you can register now at Spicy without request

  34. Angie2110 says:

    Sorry for my bad english. Admin please help me! I can’t view the content when i open any topic in Spicy forum. Always error ” You don’t have permission for that”. Why? I am a silent reader for a while but now i try to make an account to fix error but don’t get an email to confirm. When i sign in, i can’t view even content of homepage. T_T

  35. Lalita says:

    What is the username that you signed up under?

  36. Amu says:

    Hi ! I had the same problem as the person above. I have been a silent lurker on the website for a while and today I tried to sign up. But I have been waiting for an email like it says in step 2 of the registration, and still haven’t received one. And if I try to log on it says Error, I don’t have permission to view.
    My Username is : Amu
    Email id: amrit1@ualberta.ca
    Thanks !

    • Ycs says:

      Hi I am really sorry for bothering all of you. I am also facing the same problem as the two users above and have not been able to receive the validation email even though I have clicked the resend validation button on the page. I have checked my junk mail as well.

      Username: ycs
      Email address: samyongwl95@hotmail.com

      Thank you so so much!

  37. jolissa says:

    Admin, please help me too!! i’m dying without spicyforum, when i try to open it says error and i don’t have permission to view any content? so i sign up for a spicyforum account, hoping it will fix the error and i did receive an email to validate my registration but none of the links work. it always says error and i don’t even have permission to view homepage T_T.

    username: jolissajovial

    email add: jolissa.jovial@gmail.com


  38. mdpierrette says:

    Hello, i leave a message via spicy but i give you my email : mdpierrette@yahoo.fr thanks in advance. by the way i love your blog!

  39. zbeddy says:

    username: zbeddy

    email: bed_slice@yahoo.com.my

    i really appreciate if i can register to ur forum ^^
    thank you so much

  40. narayya says:

    username : narayya
    email : narayya_sweet@yahoo.co.id

    I’ve signed up on the spicy forum about two months ago but have not received a reply email. I would appreciate if I could be a member in spicy forum, thank you so much 🙂

  41. Kreeta Chutasot says:

    Hi Lalita,

    Can you please register me?

    Would like to use the user name ‘Kreeta’

    My email : kreetachiangmai@yahoo.com


  42. sophierss says:

    hi! I would like to become a member of your forum.
    username : sophierss
    here’s my email : princess13_202@hotmail.com
    thank you so much!

  43. Luna says:

    Hi! I’d like to become a member of Spicy.
    username: akiranguyen
    my email: longtran12372@yahoo.com

  44. SammieB says:

    Hi, hopefully I can still register to become a member of Spicy.
    username: SammieB
    my email: sambvang@hotmail.com

  45. E says:


    hopefull, this is still open.

    Username: ashtenmorgan
    Email: ashtenmorgan@gmail.com

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