Stars without Makeup and After

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  1. Shampoo says:

    Lol some of the pics are makeup less but touch up enhancement. Thanks.

  2. See says:

    Thanks Lalita. Those like Chalida and Baifern look really plain without anything because most of the time we see them, they cake on a lot of makeup compared to the average, esp their eyeshadow. Lucky for them that they have nice clear skin. Then there’s those like Kim and Yaya who dont have as nice skin but can get away with minimal makeup and still look fresh. You should also include Mai Davika. That girl always has layers of foundation, major blush and intense eyes but otherwise, she’s quite ordinary. You know who make up really does wonders to? Wawwa Nichari from the The Sixth Sense. She just needs the basics and its like she transformed herself completely. I think the best I’ve seen to date with a bare face is Now Tisanart from Channel 7.

  3. Lalita says:

    lol I was going to do Mai, but gave up after going through tons of her photos. She has full on makeup most of the time. I`m not sure who Now is. As for Wawa she`s cute, but I find her face too plastic looking, I think the stuff she has done to her face has already taken on toll on face

    • See says:

      Lol @ the comment on Wawwa. I agree though. She’s a cute girl but when you take a close look, you can so tell all the areas where she got surgery done. without makeup its like day and night. Now is the nice daughter in Aya Rak. If you go on instagram and search @nowtisanart you’ll see her picture. I think the user @pakn has pics of Mai with no makeup.

      • Lalita says:

        Thanks for the links See. Okay I added Mai lol, and also added Bee and Lydia. In the before picture of her, you can clearly see her double eyelid surgery as well as her veneers are quite obvious

  4. Tata says:

    They all are still recognizable, but there are a few who I think still look the same as I do with make up on and they are: Mint, Yaya, View, and Poo.

    • Mya says:

      Yea I agree with your selection .. I really appreciate yaya the most though because she went raw without makeup on alot of pictures and some events. Although she don’t look as vibrant but she still has beautiful features. Lydia look horrible without and Mai need to let her skin breathe !!!!!!

    • alwaizemeeh says:

      I wanted to put mint and yaya on mine… but the way I had put them into a situation really changed my mind. I think because I have seen too many pictures of them without makeup I would even recognize them both without makeup.

  5. Mya says:

    By the way … Thanks Lalita!! I love post and news like this. I’m gonna have to go with Yaya, bee, chompoo, and Janie in my likings. These girls aren’t afraid to go absolutely raw and they still look cute. Lets do a men’s Version with and without makeup too!! Lol

  6. Lovely girl says:

    Wao ! Yaya very terrible when she not makeup. Baifern , Kim ,poo, bee,Mai
    very pretty even thou she did not make up. Their face skin still good even thou makeup. Not like yaya face skin has blake point a lot so terrible.

  7. urjustlovely says:

    I wish i knew what type of foundation yaya uses… how its alpplied, what type of brand etc. These celb’s have great makeup artists!!

  8. Kizukami says:

    wait that Yaya’s bare-faced pic did make into news? I never knew until today lol
    not all has clear skin, Yaya actually has quite bad skin, but she tends to put on minimum makeups so without makeups she’s still recognizable

    • Leila says:

      Bad skin in what sense? I think that she has good skin actually, in the sense that there aren’t pores or anything. She just has lots of freckles because she’s so light.

      • Shampoo says:

        She has blemishes and uneven skin without makeup. Having uneven skin is quite unattractive, really. But Yaya is a cute girl.

  9. alwaizemeeh says:

    Lol okay at first I did think Vill Wanarot but then I was like no, cause you said from plain jane to vava voom. I couldn’t tell if it was Vill from the full makeup, but I knew it was Vill without makeup… I think the best person without makeup is Jui. I believe I could see her on the streets without make up and be like JUI! Most of the girls I might just past them on the streets for okay a girl who looks like a celebrity or a pretty girl. Bee Namthip would be a pretty girl. Janie, Yaya, Mint, and Baifern would also be just pretty girls. Chompoo, Kim, and Poo Praiya would be girls that looks like themselves. Chompoo was almost cutting it with Jui for me, but I thought about it and her bags would really throw me off. Now for the worst… I know Lydia is light skin which is something pretty, but she’s not attractive without the makeup. Also Pancake just looks like any random girl. Mai doesn’t look too good with just the minimal makeup. I’d imagine worse without makeup.

  10. E says:

    Is the 5th picture Janie?

    We should have the men too, I wonder if it’s really how they look like and it’s really no makeup or enhancer.

  11. ilovethai says:

    Yaya, Kim, Jane, Baifren, and Mai looks good without make-up!

  12. Lil ap says:

    Yaya is the worst one without makeup

  13. Diana Balas says:

    For me, Kim is the ugliest. She looks like Ladyboy

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