Stephan Tasit consults Namfon about Tuptim

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  1. Mai says:

    Best wishes to his mom, hope her treatments are effective and she lives a long healthy life. Stephan shows he does have a heart and does care about his parents

    On the other hand, I feel bad his reply for why he wants to get married…because his mother is sick and that he needs someone to take care of him. He’s almost implying that he wants to marry a servant into his life, to take care of him and his mom lol

    • Farm says:

      I agree. He cares about his parents but who doesnt. Laugh. But yeah I totally agree about how he basically wants to get married because his parents are getting older. I feel like the “trend” in thailand is to get married and have babies…well esoecially the older generation which is cool because they deserve it…but iono about stephan I don’t think he is ready yet.

  2. Mai says:

    I think everyone wants to make their parents happy. Props to him for thinking of his elders. I just feel that his reasons for wanting to marry Tuptim are the wrong reasons. He should have included in there, he wants to marry her cause he wants to support and encourage her as much as she can do for him. And that he can see spending the rest of his life with her.

  3. thailakorn123 says:

    I hope will be in good health and also best wishes to her. Yeah after reading what he said it sounds like he wants to get married because his friends are getting married now and maybe he wants to fulfill his mom wishes so she can see him settle down. He didn’t say he wants to marry Tubtim because she is the one, or he loves her, etc. I think a marriage will last longer if you went to it with your heart and mind,etc.

    Thanks Mai.

  4. Tipstar says:

    Best wishes to Stefan’s mum. Being on dialysis is very hard and I hope they find her a new kidney soon.

    LOL at his reasons for wanting to get married. I still can’t believe that he keeps in contact with Namfon. I’m happy that she’s moved on in her life. Personally, I think she should make a clean break from Stefan but it seems like they’re still close friends.

    Thanks for sharing the news!

  5. Mai says:

    She kinda has to keep in contact with him Tip, cause they have that magazine they publish together.

    Dialysis is very hard and time consuming too.

  6. Lalita says:

    Lol @ the comment he cares about his parents but who doesn’t. His reasons to get married are very self serving

  7. helloworld says:

    I don’t think it’s that he wants someone to take care of him but basically someone to come home to. It sounds like he realizes his parents are getting older and because his mom is sick that he should get married sooner and start a family so that his mom and dad can see their grandkids.

  8. friendly says:

    After reading the comments I might see the point where everyone’s going but, in another way it is a good thing that he want marriage. I don’t know how to explain but I kind of know the feeling. If I’m in his position I would too.

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