Stephany love mission failed; Ken is just a friend

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  1. Line says:

    Thanks for the translation. I ship Steph and Mik so hard since Talay FAI. They are so perfect together. Maybe Mik have some good feeling for her but not sure about Steph.

    • Shampoo says:

      Maybe her boyfriend couldn’t handle all the love scenes she’s done with Mik. LOL He has reasons to be but he probably couldn’t accept her job as an actress.

  2. marigold says:

    Wise answer coming from Steph. I mean I don’t blame her ex if he get jealous cause mik and Steph had to do a lot of kiss scenes. Probably more than all the other actresses he worked with put together. Thank you for the translation. I’m glad and happy that I get to read news about them in English cause not a lot of people write English article about them

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