Sudsapda’s Most Huggable Girls of 2013

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  1. Sunyah says:

    Wow this is like a ch3 photo shoot minute out Mai. lol

  2. yajnaree says:

    Hilarious!! Love the comment under the pictures… Many of them look frozen, yet still beautiful.

  3. :) says:

    That photo of Chompoo look as though she have no neck @ all.

  4. Susy says:

    Most huggable in Sudsapda pict. number 1 is Mai Davika ,2 (kim kimberly) ,3 (Yaya Urassaya) ,4 (Chompoo Areeya) ,5 (Chat Pirayachat) ,6 (Bella) ,7 (Margie), 8 (Taew) ,9 (Mint chalida) and 10 (i am not fond of her (Toey).

    Most huggable star actress for me 2014 : 1 (Mai Davika) ,2 (Vill wannarot), 3 (Kwan ussamanee),4 (Aum Patcharapa),5 (Yaya Urassaya) ,6 (Kim Kimberly),7(Matt Peerane),8 (Prim :leading actress in SAMEE 2013),9 (Chompoo Areeya) ,10 (Charebelle)….;)))

  5. Teptida says:

    looks like a ch3 advice: where is kwan?

  6. hen yi says:

    mai number one

  7. starz says:

    Wow only two CH7 actresses, other are all CH3 actresses, and not Ch5 actress at all

  8. SangSS says:

    Mai & Kim very cute.

  9. YeuCandy says:

    Of all the pictures,I like Taew and Mai the most

  10. ros says:

    i like taew very much

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