Sudsapda’s Most Huggable Guys of 2013

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  1. Shampoo says:

    LOL@ the comment about Boy.

  2. :I says:

    <3 Nadech and James Ma

  3. Fam says:

    Love Mark Prin!

  4. Sunyah says:

    lol I laugh my ass off reading Boy comment. Thanks Mai ^_^

  5. alisa says:

    Mai, you’re soo funny!

  6. morningdawn says:

    Love Marks photo and the comment about boy 🙂

  7. aymieluvsyu637 says:

    OMG you and your comments, I almost spit out my coffee reading about Boy.. haha OOOHHH dear, people around my cube would think I’m crazy!! thanks for the update.. I hate it when hot guys are posing together, it never seems to look right :/

  8. Susy says:

    The 1 first man i want is Nadech ,2 is Pong Nawat , 3 is Hun (the star 8) or Mark Prin or Boy Pakorn . STOP ^_^ Otherwise, I do not want! There is one thing I still do not understand until now. What people find in James Jirayu to be “super star sai fah lab” He didn’t act well at all and look so gay …hihihi the first man i know who like HELLO KITTY !! OMG! But the new actor Nike Nitidon (in Jao Payu lead actor) he deserves to be “Super star ” instead of James jirayu ! …;-)

    • NongNi says:

      Seriously,.. it got a lot of people confused when his name got released everywhere on every news tv, newspaper, magazine etc etc in Thailand. People were like who the heck is this guy? Guess someone with high authority at channel 3 had already planned this out. ” It’s not what You know”, It’s who you know. When Media scream out your name every freaken day eventually someone will recognize… this is media little game and people just go along especially young folks who loves to jump on the bandwagon. I have nothing against Jame Ji, but the real talented people deserves to be acknowledged.

      • Susy says:

        I agree with you a lot of talented news actors deserves to be acknowledged than James Jirayu (take the example of TONG NEU KAW the little boy wan 6 year old act thousand times better than JJ and can be for me “a super star sai fah lab” ^^

  9. Sy says:

    Nadech any time, any day, anywhere!!! James J dun look too bad either but <3 Nadech.

  10. Nangfah says:

    Mark looks good as always!

  11. LC says:

    I agree with Susy JJ acting is not that good.Bomb acting is much better. JJ look more like a girl. well see he can beat all the super star in 2014.

  12. Nn says:

    Where is Mario ?

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