Sugar Daily’s English Subs on Daily Motion

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  1. :) says:

    Awesome !! Thank u !!

  2. Yeah, good to hear you’ll continue the sub somewhere else.

  3. soomansg says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I wanted to see this series long time ago, i read the caps but not enough for me, now you all are subbing this. Can’t thank you all enough! Thank you sugar daily!

  4. Mai says:

    Aww some of you actually have a blog too, gotta check that out.

    Luckily Club Friday is one series we will finish subbing cus we actually have it all completed, just need to edit it and finalize the files and upload. We omitted most of the class lectures from the subbing though, hopefully that’s not what anyone is looking forward to lol

  5. SNV says:

    R u guys just doing short series or full on lakrons too? also i kow its gonna take awhile but please sub plae kao too…lol ive been watcing the trailers over and over agian and the songs are so good

  6. Mai says:

    I think she means the movie, which is why she said I know it’s going to take a while. Plae Kao is not my type of genre, dont like watching movies on country people lol

  7. Shampoo says:

    Plus, it’s a period movie… Harder to translate with their dialogues. The movie is not out DVD yet though….

  8. Gina says:

    Will you guys be willing to sub any older series or are you looking for only new/currently airing ones ?

  9. Sam says:

    are u guys willing to sub lakorn leh nangfah or samee teetra 2014? i have been waiting centuries for it be to done subbing on viki but it seems to be taking awhile for them. i would greatly appreciate it if you guys decide to sub either or of these lakorns 😀

  10. chrisa says:

    hi will you be subbing other club friday series?

  11. Will u please Engsub Namthaa Kammathep?

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