SugarDaily’s Exclusive of Aikoden’s Meet with Nadech & Yaya on USA Tour Part II

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  1. Kizukami says:

    Thank u so much!!! Did Nadech look old in person? LOL cuz of his facial hair lmao

    • Ple says:

      This is his real personality….you will see him wear easy cloths, has an old man eye glasses , no shave with disordered hair when he doesn’t in work. But he always nice and has the natural manner from inside, especially when they are together…Nadech&Yaya.

    • anno says:

      lol that’s what we thai fans comment about his look lately b/c he grew beard on his face. but we just talked for fun. he doesn’t really look old in person.

      Thanks inter fans for welcoming them there

  2. Mai says:

    awwww you all look so adorable. I can see you’re smiling ear to ear in some pictures Jules lol. Nadech’s mom looks pretty cute in that jacket. My favorite picture of the couple is the first where they’re eating the cake…Na digging in and Yaya looking on. Yaya looks precious there

  3. Shampoo says:

    LOL Too funny. Of all things to comment about is his oldness. Thank you for sharing na Aiko!

  4. Kizukami says:

    what? shampoo? LOL I have tons of things to ask ROFL HAHAHA was nadech that handsome in person, cuz the pics alone, he didn’t look great. However I watched the video, he was cute lol

  5. Shampoo says:

    LOL he didn’t turn out so well in photos.

  6. Kizukami says:

    exactly LOL he looked like he didn’t shower for days LOL but people still said he was handsome, no biased talking here? Right?

  7. Shampoo says:

    HMMM I have no idea. LOL Will have to see him myself. LOL

  8. aikoden says:

    Thanks ladies. @Mai, oh man.. it was a magical feeling next to Nadech.. I forgot to take pics of my autographs, maybe I’ll share later 😛 I love how he signed it writing it to me. Yaya only wrote her name.. but it’s ok. 😛 Nadech was really funny though. When I showed him the calendar, he was shocked. “Wow, how’d you get this?” hehe.

    LOL, I’m showing no bias-ness.. You have to see Nadech in real life, because pictures does him no justice.. especially my pics. He is really darn handsome up close.. his skin looked so smooth.. his eyes~~ oops… i’ll stop at there.. LOL..

  9. Mai says:

    I think the way he’s dressed looks good.

    @ Aokiden, I’m glad your meet with them was magical 🙂 makes all the effort worthwhile

  10. Kizukami says:

    I think Nadech asked other girls their names too when he signed, cuz I saw it on FB and IG, this girl went to LAX to see Nadech, he also asked her name, put it and signed it next to her name. I think since he got more time, he’d make it personalized for u guys ^_^

    Great experience!

  11. Shampoo says:

    glad this trip was magical for you, Aiko. It seems like you’re still in trance. AHAHAHA he must have mesmerized you.

  12. aikoden says:

    @mai, yes it’s a worthwhile effort.. I even got sick.. or in the process of getting sick, after coming back from SF. I was like please don’t get sick.. I don’t want to contaminate them.. hehe..

    @kiz, yeah he personalized all this autographs.. it was very sweet of him <3

    @shamp.. mesmerized.. hehe I think so too.. ahahaha *pvt*

  13. nok says:

    wow that is so sweet of them to take time for all fans. I think he looked great in that outfit of his. Glad you got to meet him 🙂

  14. Lalita says:

    Thanks Jules, glad you got to meet the both of them and they are both so nice and humble towards all the fan.

  15. Cupid Candy says:

    Aww you lucky ducky!

  16. thailakorn123 says:

    I saw the clip when he ate the cake it was cute, he kept eating the strawberry lol. He look like he regret leaving that cake behind lol.

    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Moonchild says:

    Thank you for sharing your magical experiences with us na Aikoden! And thanks to you and all the fans that were there to shower Yadech with love from the States. Can’t wait till it’s my turn XDDDD

    Anyways lol yeah Na doesn’t look so good in these pics but the video of him eating the cake, he was so adorable.

  18. newtolakorns says:

    I’m so happy for you. Thank you for sharing your memorable experience with us. You are so so lucky to have met Nadech and Yaya!

  19. aikoden says:

    I feel like I have to mark my pictures while uploading onto fb.. because these pictures are already shared onto other fbs.. they sure are fast.. ahh.. i guess i should change the view settings hehe.. because i want others to have their privacy 😛

    • aikoden says:

      LMAO.. why must pics of me be shared too.. ahhh… so embarrassing hehe.. I guess this is what I get for sharing pics of myself online.. ahahaha XD.

  20. nanthao says:

    awwww….thank you soooo MUCH for sharing these with us! So jelly of you but I’m happy that you got to meet them too!

  21. Sunny says:

    Congrats on your meeting with them both!!! It must have been amazing! nervous but really heart full-filling, like a dream come true and happiness all over <3 I'm jealous hehehehe.

  22. Jenna says:

    I really happy for you!!! My dream is to meet Yaya and Nadech one day!!! They both are so friendly with their fans.

  23. Gary Ko says:

    Thank you for sharing. Both are wonderful and love to see all the FCs who have make us happy. Nadech is really got all the male charisma and Yaya is such a well grounded companion.

  24. anny says:

    So happy too!!!
    And thank you for sharing.

  25. yami says:

    Thank you for sharing! You guys are all so lucky to meet yaya and nadech!!!
    im so jealous hehe

  26. Sneha says:

    Your So Lucky so meet them ^_^ Cheears for u 🙂
    Iam living in Oman , very far away from Thailand but i wacth its every lakorns of Nadech nd Yaya Infact iam their BIG Fan..!! I wish i too can meet them one day :’)

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