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Super entertainers: Ploy most rotten and Aum most richest

So quick the year is already ending. This one year, so many things happen in our entertainment world and it gives us something to roll on and expose. Like the saying, being a celebrity is burdensome. Just because you are pretty, handsome and talented doesn’t guaranteed your stardom. There has been example as seen. When you behave badly, prepare to be trash off the street. Whoever is clever will have works and become rich and richer, as well as having fans that cherish you to be famous for a long time. Today, we end the year with ranking “Story of the Year 2012″. What categories will your favorites be under?


Most rotten “Ploy Cherman”, dead due to her own mouth

We see so many rotten things this year and it can’t be any other than the brash mouth Ploy Cherman due to her diligently fight with anyone out there. It starts with “Dai Diana”, the problem with a restaurant staff that he got fired, post a comment on instagram to bash someone hacking her IG, and post picture of a hit and run driver. All of these are all from her mouth. But the most rotten thing is her argument with the organizer company, in counter attack, they exposed her using another person’s identity for tax evasion. It cause a public commotion bashing Ploy in the internet, because they also have to do tax as well. Ploy Cherman have to come out crying and apologizing excusing it was her bank’s mistake balancing her account. At the end, it was her throwing the wrongdoing to someone else and doesn’t take responsibility. Her reputation is shattered.

Her latest behavior was being displeases that the organizer did not tell her there will be reporters at the event. She back off before clearing that she wasn’t the wrong one; her manager was the wrong one for miscommunication. All her behaviors are all extreme. Even “Annie Brooke” who was rotten for many years finally withdraw “Film” as the father for “Nong Teekayu”. Case closed. “Pinky” was the champion for most rotten last year, but this year Ploy stole the spot for most rotten that anyone can’t compete for it. This year, the press also dubbed Ploy as “Bak Plara Nak Bpae”. This has become her logo! Next year, she can fix herself.

tuk bangkok


The most envy “Tuk Bangkok” Thailand’s Cinderella

10 years ago, “Kob Bapasara”, the actress who comes from sugarcane farm was given this title when she marries “Pornthep Tejapaibul”, filty rich and famous former politician. This era, “Tuk Bangkok”, sexy actress who used to be poverty-stricken that couldn’t even afford to ride the bus finally create a Cinderella legend for marrying “Jao Sua Boonchai”, the founder of DTAC and the number 13th richest multi-millionaire man in Thailand. She has become the envy of many women. Who knows if this couple will last but at the most, she has value since there was a traditional engagement ceremony.  If anything happens and they divorce, her alimony would definitely be 100 million. He is well known as brave man, even donate up to 100 million. What would it be if it’s for the person he loves? What is definite is many men would have to freeze, because Tuk would have to brake her sexiness, so it won’t tarnish the million dollar image.



The most disappointed is “Sorayu Suthasanajenut” from being a hero to being he cheated

Known as most famous and expensive reporters in the entertainment and having a good image helping the public during the flooding time that he was given “Flood hero”. Let’s just say, when politics are involved, Sorayu’s name cannot be miss. He disappointed the public when news revealed he cheats commercial money from MCOT. The board directors of the National Anti-Corruption has come out say that Sorayu’s “Orange Plantation” company has not pay the commercial fee for MCOT production about 138 million baht. He also bribed officials which lead to criminal prosecution. The public all calls for a resignation as responsibility since he is a public himself, how is he going to judge others. However, Sorayu still continues to read the news and as the news rage, he rerun the news he helped during flooding time. The executives at channel 3 says, wait until the case close and they will decide whether to remove him or not.


The most embarrassing is “Giftza Girly Berry” arrested for DUI

So embarrassed Giftza could cover her head with a bucket for driving under the influence of alchol since it was all over the news in tv and newspaper. It’s different from other celebrities that are drunk and hurriedly use the breathalyzer and leave, afraid reporers will take pictures of them. We don’t know if she’s so unconsciously drunk to refuse breathalyzer or what, that when reporters arrived it was like a live reality show.

We were dismayed, this is sexy star? She refuses to do a breathalyzer test and excuses that she knows big officers; they will come clear everything. The court sentenced her to 6 months of jail time and 2 years of probation and community services. RS also banned her for 3 months. Seeing the reality, Giftza’s tear break announcing she will follow the laws to redeem herself.

“Moh Auay” loses face that she can disappear from the face of the earth. Not only did she lost her husband but money too. She has to bring to court forcing her ex-husband to return 400, 900 baht.  At least this is less embarrassing since it’s a personal matter, not like breaking the laws like a senseless person. Since Giftza says she will become a new person, we’ll support her!

kae chonlada

The cutest have to be “Kae Chonlada”, dogs’ angel


Not only is she pretty and her family is rich, “Kae Chonlada” is kind to assists dogs and animals of various need. It started when she went to help animal during the flood. It becomes the momentum for her to start helping disable animals. Many people cooperate to help Kae that she starts the project “The Voice” with her own funds. Kae stops buying brand name and stops dolling herself. Every money she got, 20% would go into the account to help animals in need. She is going to make it into a charity. She is the first person to stand up and fight for these animals, even make a movement for government to punish those that hurt animals.

*Censor out photo*

The most unfortunate is “pra’ek Channel 7″

The years before, we got leaked photos from “Jae Marsha” drunk with her foreign sex buddy and expose her smiley sister out. She was so embarrassed to this day. Come this year is time for a male version from “pra’ek ch7″ with a physician degree. After the picture of a similar face lying in bed with his partner were leaked, the press looked everywhere for this man to confirmed; however, to this day we heard nothing from the man himself. Just heard that Khun goes oversea to study and retires from the entertainment world. He only left very little lakorn and his erotic photos for fans to look at it so they don’t miss him so much.

raeng ngao

The most fever lakorn “Raeng Ngao” so delicious!

Before this, Dok Som See Thong created a whirl winds for the Thais, get criticized for its abusive and inappropriate content; however, from the sensational fever from lakorn viewers, let’s just say it’s history. They even made a statistics on the road in Bangkok, that even now “Chompoo Araya” become a hot actress. Come this year, Ch3 comes hard again by airing a hot lakorn like “Raeng Ngao”. It is as expected, it attracts viewers all over Thailand. Even if they were told to move and air this lakorn after 10 P.M. At the end, they can’t do anything as Ch3 continues to air the lakorn that even the rating beat their rival Ch7 in rural area. That has never happen. This lakorn is down in Ch3 history as pulling in the highest rating since they were born. We believe this is the real fever.


The richest are “Nadech-Aum Patchrapa” can’t be eaten

This era, no one is more famous than these tw. No matter what they touch will be money and gold. “Nadech’s” time is still little compares to Aum but since being known as Supstar, many products come to him in haste for presenter. It’s like a battlefield with Mazda, Fino, Minute Maid Pulpy, Samsung Notebook, Lays, True Move, Oishi Fruito, Twelve Plus, Yum Yum and etc. Every products are no less than 5 million. These aren’t even include with his events and lakorn. This year, Nadech took 70 million baht into his pocket.

As for the queen “Aum Patchrapa” is no less richer from her Mistine, Twelve Plus, Trident, Sunsilk, and her Puriku tea presenter. She still has her fragrance product and lingerie collection. At Aum’s level, we don’t count quantity but quality. Who dare not pay 8.6 million baht per commercial, don’t even think about hiring her. Her rate for a lakorn episode is 150, 000 baht, event is 200, 000 baht. Calculating her money, she’s definitely the millionaire in the entertainment that no one can overthrow. Latest, she bought a 4 milllion baht purse and with her spending she’s still generous to do charity by donating 1 million baht to build a Buddha.


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Source: Super Bungtern | December 27, 2012


  1. Who the dude for most unfortunate pra’ek Channel 7? This is new to me, been busy with school/work that I haven’t been following Thai ET for a while.

    • He was in only one lakorn and that was with Cheer, he mostly does studying, his family is well off.

    • The most fever lakorn “Raeng Ngao” so delicious!

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