Surrender! Gubgib admits breaking up with Mario!

5 Responses

  1. Hate GG says:

    Yeeeee!!!! The rightest thing Mario did!

  2. snow says:

    All the single ladies2x… weeee!!! mario,theirs a lot of fish in the sea!

  3. susanletesoro says:

    we don!t believe both of them what they says or tell in medial in t.v. all over the world please wait the truth will come on future if they are telling the truth about their felling or if they are lovers don!t make funny or crazy your fans we hate mario if they come again or back again to gubgib he always says he knows who is gubgib in him life so believe to her so much he don!t want to make a wrong attitude he accept more good about her why gubgib is a saint from him that can not make a sins forever he sure that she is a good girl not a flower snake

  4. Alice says:

    Nothing is perfect and everyone will have bad time. She shall learn and grow cause life goes on.

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