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Tangmo Pattaratida press conference after suicide attempt

After the suicide attempt by taking too many sleeping pills to the point of landing at the hospital, “Tangmo Pataraitida’s” friends reveals that Tangmo was stress out after “Tono Pakin” announced himself single at a concert stage.


On July 7 at 3pm, Tangmo, her dad and her doctor held a press conference at Kasemrad Hospital.


The doctor clarifies that Tangmo’s condition is now stable but as Tangmo has mental health issue, they have to tend to that.  They have to care about her feelings first and foremost and anything that torment her has to go.


Her eating too many pills makes her less conscious which can affect a failure in the heart.  Ten pills that she took is consider a lot which makes her grow unconscious and wouldn’t be able to do anything.  If she didn’t arrive at the hospital in time, she could have die from lack of oxygen.


Tangmo while at the press conference keeps crying and apologized to the hospital on behalf of her friends for posting her pictures.  There shouldn’t have been any pictures out because no pictures should be leaking.  Her friends didn’t know anything and because she was unconscious got scared so they couldn’t control themselves.  When she knows about them posting, has told her friends to delete the pictures because it might affect the hospital’s reputation.  They couldn’t stand to see her in that condition and would like the public to see a weaker side of her.


As for her personally, she has a personal disorder and these period she has been getting words or in a situation that is quite harsh.  On the outside she looks healthy but she’s weak inside.  She doesn’t get to tell anyone that often even her own father.  So, there is time she wants to end her life so she doesn’t have to know or feel anything.


A lot of people suspected that it is due to Tono’s words at the concert.  Tangmo says it is part of it but not all.  During the period of their separation was quite vague.  Before their distance, they have things that were misunderstood.  At the end, they don’t get along.  Tono decided to go his way but he didn’t take his stuffs.  She has to stay in the same place and sleep in the bed.


Ever since news of our separation, I tried contacting to give him support but for myself, I have to endure my own health.  I have to work and don’t get to talk.  It is quite hard in my life.  I am one of those that decided to married a man but at the end my family didn’t end beautifully like I thought.


People that invest a lot in love usually will be disappointed.  When I texted him message, I don’t receive anything back, about 3 months now.  However, when we give interview we say we are just distant but no one said divorced out of our mouth, so it’s hard to say anything.  We don’t know what decision to make.


In a life time, a woman marries a man and give her life to him and God, will not be able to remarry after a divorce.  I am religious in that part.  I didn’t think it will be like this.  I always believe we will become a family again.


My family encounters a lot of situations.  My dad’s girlfriend just lost her sister and is about to lose her mother.  I don’t know where to turn to.  I have people like my father, my friends and God that I should have thought of but that time I didn’t.  The person that hurt most is God and my father.  I didn’t think that I was going to wake up ever again.  I am sorry that I disappoint everyone.  I am sorry to the elders that I affect them.  I am sorry, father (hugs her dad with tears).


Father:  I am sad because there is only two of us ever since you’re little.


Has Tono contacted since this incident?

Tangmo: (shakes her head) after this I still don’t dare to say anything but I will have to move on.  I don’t know if I can do it though.


Father:  I don’t blame anyone.  Tono called me but I didn’t answer.  I am not angry but he is not my family anymore.  We only have us.  I welcome him when he comes but since he left he is not.


If he’s return, does he have to come talk?

Tangmo:  We never separate this long.  My father used to thank him for sticking with me when I don’t have anyone and any cent with me.  This isn’t the first time I want to kill myself.  When we first dated, I got bash a lot and I’m still getting bash when we separate.  I’m like the defendant that the public convicted.


After that we return together and ready to start over.  I kneel down and apologized to Mae Noi and she gave me her blessing.  I don’t know if that’s just an impulsive promise.  I kneel down to Tono and he let me walk my own path with God as I intended.  I don’t know what the real answer is.  Are we done?  I’m confused.


Do you two try to work it out?

Tangmo:  I did everything I could.  I really did.  This is like the storm in my life.  I always tell him I am ready to walk with him.  I always love him.  I don’t have experienced in marriage.  This is my only marriage.  I thank the people around me for understanding and not rubbed it.


The people that are suicidal don’t ever think that they are waking up again.  I will try to control and not have too much weakness.  I wouldn’t have done this if the person I love didn’t do anything to affect me.  I still take my vow seriously.  As for my wrist, I don’t know what I did.  I thank God for saving me.  I haven’t take a look at it.


Doctor:  The wound on her wrist is not deep, it’s just one shallow cut so there is no need for stitch.  She just need to stay at the hospital for 2-3 days and get discharge.


Tangmo:  Let me said it here that someone fake my IG.  I only play IG and haven’t update for a couple of days now.  It said my manager post but it’s fake.


As for me, I have to accept the truth from both side.  I thank the people who support me and for the people who rubbed it in wouldn’t know until it happens to them how a weak person who acts strong is.  I forgive them.  As for the people that bash Tono, don’t bash him.  It’s my fault for not being strong enough.


I want him to walk with his dream and have a place in society.  Tono walked away from home because I am the cause but I don’t want to breakup.  I never regret marrying him.  I feel proud or else his name wouldn’t be on my body.  If he says it’s over then it is.


What do you want to say to him?

I message him shortly that I apologize for anything I did wrong and thank him for being in my life.  I still support and want him to achieve his dream.  There is  lot of things that are related to him I can’t say about because it all contradict.


What about your drama?

Tangmo:  I will try to get my body healthy and get back to work.


What is the reason for not signing the marriage certificate?

Tangmo:  We didn’t sign the marriage certificate but live and eat like a husband and wife.  Signing the certificate is just a piece of paper, so we were not in a hurry to sign it.  We used the word engagement in the past to protect the fans’ heart.  But the ceremony was like a wedding.  Right now, his stuffs is still in the same place.  So, we’ll see.


Tangmo:  There is no third party at all.  What hurt the most isn’t his word on stage but it is what’s behind the scene about promises.  I never said I was single too.


What do you want to say to the public?

Don’t do like me because it’s bad karma.  It’s the worst.  There is a lot of people that can be an example to us.  If they wake up but their mental health does not return, that person is lost.  It’s a stupid thing to do.  Do not do it.  Suicidal doesn’t just kills you but the people around you.  Even if you kill yourself, if he doesn’t return, he won’t.


Comment:  The girl preach about her believe in marriage and God but to her signing the official marriage paper is just a piece of paper.



Translated Article

Source: Sanook | July 7, 2015


  1. Huh? What the heck is going on here !!!!!

  2. Surely, you do know that signing a marriage license does not mean if you love God or not. “In ancient Rome, marriage was a civil affair governed by imperial law. But when the empire collapsed, in the 5th century, church courts took over and elevated marriage”. In other words, some people decided that when two people get marry they should sign a marriage certificate, and as you can see others followed and agreed. God had no influence on what took place during that period in time.


    –>With that said, Tangmo is not wrong to say “Signing the certificate is just a piece of paper”. A marriage license is just a piece of paper for now, do to the fact that she has bigger things to focus on. Like, if he is fully committed and willing to invest in time to make the relationship successful, through his actions. Or, is he just in it for the fun before taking off. How our elders would put it “Actions speak louder than words”. Words comes and go, but actions stays with us and remind us how lucky we are to have the people in our life, or vice versa.

    • How was he not committed? Lol he sham all his friends and boss and career to be with her.

      • I agree, but at the end he is the one that walked away. So, ask yourself, was he committed or was he just there to satisfy his own pleasure and then leave when he had enough?

  3. Suicide is serious stuff poor girl needs some sunshine. Don’t be harsh on her.

  4. It still surprises me how open some thai celebrities are when it comes to talk of their of private lives and relationships.

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