Tanya Tanyares silent about “Peck-Pinky” news

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  1. Mai says:

    She seems like a reasonable person, not ready to jump at every chance. The sad part was when she said she tries to suppress her emotions and the only way to do that is to ignore everything going around her

  2. Shampoo says:

    Well, since she wants to make the marriage work, she will have to live with that he has a mistress. I feel bad for her but it’s a situation beyond her hands.

    If Peck and Pinky is still true, then I don’t know what to say but that Pinky really want Peck.

  3. Ash30 says:

    I detect sadness and almost a defeat. On tanya’s part. I guess, having to go through it like a revolving door kind of make one feel that way. If it was true and pinky is still seeing peck then there’s not much to say. She is determined to be the mistress at all costs.

  4. vrebecca says:

    Well this the first time Tanya got nothing to say. If Pinky is still seeing Peck then she must be extremely desperate!

  5. Farm says:

    Tanya needs to break up with this dude. Like omggggg. She can do so much better.

  6. kbwblove says:

    when your partner can’t stop cheating, you have two options: break it off, or live in denial….oh, I guess there is a third option…drive the third party off a cliff lol.

  7. Sunny says:

    Its not easy when you are married and have a child together, some may say break up easily but we don’t know 100% of what’s going on and some may understand, things going on inside we don’t know thus why they are still together or why some break up, it isn’t just two people anymore, if they are still together it must mean people around them do not support the break up and tells them other wise to be together etc etc of all reasons. If they break up successfully means people they love or around them supports this because of things we will never see and know, inside family stuff. I mean there are people who break up not because of cheating, sometimes love isn’t there anymore, maybe Peck still love Tanya alot as well and so does Tanya, they still want to be together but one just can’t stop cheating too. I think the only case to drive the break up successful is if family and friends support the decisions and the two individuals really are determined to break up.

  8. princess says:

    Tanya forgot to call Pinky mom or maybe silen is a good thing.

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