Thai woman allegedly accuses Vic Zhou of rape

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  1. Andrea says:

    Is she idiot? (Sorry for the word)

    Her answers makes me think that she’s a prostitute (sorry again!) or something.

    “So you said the first time he raped you but you were not even scared the second time you went to see him?

    Well, we did each other already? I’m the type to think like that since I already lost myself to him. And we’re friend. Like the first time we slept together, we did not talk that much but as we go our separate way we started talking more. Just like how are you doing and things like that. The second time it’s similar to the first. He trick me to go see him again but I didn’t think much. That was how I really think.

    -How can you believe her with those kind of answer?

    No hate. Just saying.

  2. Mouna says:

    No one women in her right mind will go to bed again with a man which rape her. She lied

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